Are You Sick of Boston Yet?

Yesterday was move-in day for my daughter.

I learned:

1.  Old buildings don't have elevators.

2.  Old buildings don't have air conditioning.

3.  Boston can be hot as hell when it wants to be.

4.  Old buildings often hold charming little apartments.

Because I was busy with the whole moving-in process for hours on end, I'm going to throw a few more miscellaneous Boston photos up for you today.


The above photo of the "Pru Center" was taken through my hotel room at sunset a few nights ago.


I was down by the waterfront two days ago.  It was so hot, I was convinced I was melting.  On impulse, my son and I decided to go into the Boston Aquarium to escape the heat for awhile.  We had a great time!

No explanation needed!  (And yes, I know it's a little overexposed – I didn't have time to post-process it!)


Little doors! 

A lot of the houses in Beacon Hill have little doors that used to be the back, servant's, entrance.  They're adorable – if a door can be adorable, that is.


I love this photo of the John Hancock building because it represents what I love most about Boston – the mixture of old and new.  The John Hancock building is Boston's tallest.  I love the old Trinity church next to it.  I also love the reflection of the church on the glass building.

Today, I hope to return to Beacon Hill for more photo opportunities.  I also want to hit up a couple areas of Boston I haven't gotten to yet.  I've covered a lot of the city, but I'm not done yet! 

There's so much to see and so little time ….

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8 Responses to “Are You Sick of Boston Yet?”

  1. di

    All that moving around town… You are making my feet hurt just thinking about it, but the scenery there is worth it, right? Little doors are awesome and add so much character to the old buildings as well as history about our country.

  2. Major Bedhead

    Oooh, Mike’s & Pizzaria Regina. Yum, yum, yum.
    That picture of the Hancock and Trinity is awesome. My mother has one from when it rained and the church was reflected in the tower and then both reflected in the puddle. It’s very cool.
    I’m glad you enjoyed our little city. It is pretty cool.

  3. Michele P

    I love the photos! I used to work in the South End, but am now working in the burbs so I don’t get my “city fix” very often. Thanks for the great photos!

  4. BusyDad

    YAY!! Mike’s!!! Also, I interned at the New England Aquarium in high school. Awesome pictures. Thanks for making me homesick. Again.

  5. Nancy P

    I was in Boston for the 1st time in June and LOVED it. (although yes it was hotter than hell!) Oh oh Mike’s Pastry!
    I too took a pic of the old/new building but ha ha mine is not as nice as yours! I will have to purchase that one when you put it up on the site as I know you will. Right? 🙂
    Isn’t Beacon Hill gorgeous?!

  6. doreen mccabe

    glad you liked Boston our little city here. Read books by William Martin to get some flavor of our history Harvard Yard and Back Bay

  7. Allyson/HBMomof2

    I love the city of Boston (hate the Red Sox), then saw that photo of Mike’s Pastry. Every time we are there we eat ourselves sick there. I started salivating just seeing the box. Hope you are having/had fun!


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