Dear OC Women

Dear Stereotypical Orange County Women:

I'm sorry I'm a disappointment to you.

I'm sorry my boobs are made of breast tissue and not silicone or saline bags.

I'm sorry my lips aren't filled with plastic fillers and that I was born blonde.

I'm sorry I haven't had a tummy tuck when I so clearly need one.

I'm sorry I'm writing and that people all over the world are kind enough to take the time to read my drivel.

I know you don't want me "representing" you anymore than I want you representing me.

I'm sorry I don't fit the mold you would like to impose on me.

You know – the role of being extremely materialistic, extremely concerned about my appearance, and extremely concerned about money.  

In other words … shallow.

You resent my blog, my photography, and the fact that others have embraced who I am and you've told me so.

I have offended you be using swear words both on my blog and on twitter, and periodically by adding colors like pink and purple to my hair.  I've written about offensive topics such as bikini waxes and sex, publicly, which drives you to distraction.

More recently, I have offended you by getting a tattoo.

You wanted to let me know personally that you were "unfollowing" me because of it.


I'm sorry I've written I'm sorry – because I'm really not.

I don't care.

I think, perhaps, that is the thing that bothers you the most.

I don't care.

I was born independent by nature and it's a quality my parents encouraged and nurtured.

I do what I want, when I want, when I can.

As long as I'm not hurting anyone else by being who I am (and I'm not), I don't understand why it's such an issue for you.


It is.

You're not shy about letting me know how much you disapprove of me.

I don't mind you aren't like me.

I don't expect anyone to be like me.

I accept you, with all your faults, for who you are.

(And by the way, you DO have faults – quite a few of them.)

I may not always like you, but I accept you.

You, however, want to change me, reform me, mold me into what you think I should be.

I'm far from perfect and I'm very aware of that.

I accepted my faults, which I continue to work on, several years ago.

If you took the time to get to know me this is what you would learn –

I'm forever loyal to the people I care about.

If I love you as a friend, as a family member, or as more – I will love you for life.

If you are genuine, I will accept you no matter how different we might be.

I'm very shy in groups but, obviously, not at all in my writing.

I'm an animal lover and my heart goes all soft and mushy around them.

I have a knack for doing "stupid" things, and yet I'm actually very intelligent.

Or so the IQ tests say ….

If my brain isn't stimulated, or I lose my creative outlets, I go stir crazy.

If you make me laugh, I will most likely love you on the spot.

I love to laugh and I have a sarcastic and abundant sense of humor.

I value people with the strength to be who they are.

I can't stand hypocritical people.  At all.

Money and material things mean very little to me.

I'm passionate about my writing and photography.

I will forgive, and forgive, and forgive again – and I've been hurt many times because of it.  It's a characteristic about myself I can't change, but sometimes I wish I could.

The car accident I was in, and what I've been through as a result, has forever changed me.

I have learned, truly learned, life is short and can change, irreversibly, in a second.

I know the above statement is fact.  I've lived it in a way few people ever have, and I will live the rest of my life with my priorities in order because of it.

Pleasing you?

Is not a priority.

© Twenty Four At Heart

34 Responses to “Dear OC Women”

  1. Kristen

    This is exactly why I come back to your site every single day. You are real and genuine, and hysterically funny. The person who unfollowed you…their loss. Personally, I look forward to your blog everyday, it’s one of the only ones I follow anymore. 🙂

  2. Alexis

    Rock on woman! Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. (sorry ’bout the effenheimer but sometimes it’s so royally RIGHT to use it).

  3. Momma Sunshine

    Good for you!!
    Thing about people like this is that they’re just looking for a way to justify their own existence…and so they’re upset at you for NOT doing that.
    Keep being true to yourself, not because there are many of us out there that love you for it, but because YOU love YOURSELF for it.

  4. Lori

    Amen! Great post Twenty Four! I think you are great and write from your heart. If someone doesn’t like realness it is better they go away and find people who aren’t. Hope you have a marvelous Monday!

  5. Jenny in MN

    The negative people that can’t appreciate you – you don’t need in your life. You are amazing! I think anyone who can’t handle you is probably just really jealous of how wonderful and true to your heart you allow yourself to be.
    love it, love you!

  6. Pam

    That’s why I read your blog everyday! I love your honesty, your humor and your take on life! Well said!

  7. Sandi

    It’s their loss.
    I love you IRL and on this blog. How lucky am I?

  8. Tami

    It baffles me that someone unfollowed you over a TATTOO. Who doesn’t have tattoos at this point? Tats are so mainstream now. The main thing is I love you so who needs anyone else? hahahahaha! You are the BEST!

  9. laura

    I am so glad you stand up for yourself, NEVER change because of where you live and the people there. OC stuck ups can kiss everyone elses a– because, they-are-not-perfect, although alot of them spend the money to try to be. It’s sad really. You, are the awesome!

  10. Karen in Texas

    Good Grief! There are some shallow people in this world. Do not let them get to you.
    Keep up the wonderful blogging, I look forward to checking in with you every day.

  11. NeCole

    They may have “unfollowed” you but I bet they are blurking and twlurking. They are so self-involved that they can’t stand not checking to see if you’ll write about them. Keep celebrating your uniqueness and independence. It’s what keeps me coming back.

  12. Kelly

    You are YOU which is why I’m here every day reading. It must be hard work to be that shallow. Can’t be a very happy person. Love who you are and the fact that you own it!

  13. Nancy P

    It boggles my mind to think there are REALLY women like the ones you are describing. It is so sad and creepy and disgusting all at the same time.
    I give you props for even being able to live amongst them!

  14. missy

    We have to celebrate the fact that there actually are real OC women who haven’t filled themselves with plastic and silicone and botox. I, for one, wear it like a badge of honor! You go 24!

  15. Sandra

    Seriously? They tell you they’re unfollowing you? So stupid.
    Do they not realize there is an entire TV show mocking them??

  16. Freda

    You’re doing fine. Hope the tatoo isn’t causing any pain or skin problems. It looks very pretty. Every Blessing

  17. Jan

    Women in OC are telling you they’re no longer following you because they don’t like what you write? Seriously?
    You’re my hero, you know.

  18. di

    I laugh when people unfollow me. I say ‘who gives a shit’. Take that OC bitches…. Oh, by the way, of all the ‘Housewives’ shows on the air, their’s is THE MOST PLASTIC which I figured out after watching only once. Yep, I unfollowed after only one show. Go figure.
    I’ll never understand why someone as nice as you, Suzanne, lives in the same town with all of those incredibly nasty, phony people.

  19. Maggie

    Gosh. It amazes me that people are SO concerned with what you are doing with your life, your blog and your skin. No one cares what *I* get up to. Not enough to let me know they’re unfollowing anyway.
    I love coming back to hear what’s going on in your life. And for the record? I’m GLAD you’re not like them. I WOULD unfollow you if that was the case.

  20. sarah

    Who are these people??!! Unfollowing you for having a tattoo, reporting you to Facebook for who knows what?! They need a more productive hobby.

  21. Shari

    I live in OC and believe in personal self expression minus the silicone 😀 Love the ink.

  22. Redneck Mommy

    I’d like to meet the OC woman who inspired this.
    I think her and I would have something to talk about. As she removed my boot from her arse.
    This Canadian hoser loves you.

  23. Jack

    I always appreciate people who take the time to write me a letter letting me know that they aren’t going to follow me any longer. Means I own real estate in their head.

  24. Alan

    You can move to northern Kentucky. Everybody here EXPECTS to be made fun of! LOL
    Way to stick to your guns Suz!

  25. Beachcruiser62

    I LOVE Orange County but I find it EXTREMELY difficult to find genuine people here. When I do, they are just like you. Interesting, smart, funky and loving! Plastic surgery is ugly.

  26. Lisa

    I hear ya. I also want to apologize to the fake blonde, siliconed oc women for daring to be brunette in oc. The horror. Lol…seriously though, look how you want, but i am tired of being expected to look like a clone just because i live here. I love this blog.


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