Give Me a Name – Contest!

I've been struggling with something lately.

I don't know why it took me so long to remember I've got the greatest resource in the world at my fingertips – YOU!

You are much more clever than I.

You are much more witty than I.

You are wonderful!

I'm currently in the process of launching a new website.  Don't worry – nothing is going to change here on Twenty Four At Heart.  This site is my heart and soul.

And yet …

I'm working on designing a separate place.  A place where people with pain, disabilities, or any type of challenge or obstacle can come to share their love of photography.  It will be a place where people can tell their stories – whether their stories be of struggles or triumphs.  

It will also be a place where they can submit photos to share.  People who have loved and lost photography (as I did for three years) will be welcome – as well as those who have never taken a photo but would like to try.

The new site will also be a place to share information.  Readers will be able to share ideas on the types of equipment which have helped with their particular challenge, as well as discuss ideas about photography itself.

I want to build a community, a resource, a place for people to come and know they aren't alone.

Photography is a great hobby.  Photography is a creative outlet.  Photography can be done from wheelchairs.  Photography can even be done by people who have lost the use of their dominant arm as I have.

Photography might be just the thing to bring a smile to someone who hasn't been able to smile for a long, long, time.

As I pull the site together, I will be reaching out into the Internet world to spread the word about what I'm trying to do.  I've already had offers of help from a few photographers.  I'm hoping many more people will eventually jump on the band wagon.

I want to reach as many people as possible.  I felt so alone as I struggled through the last several years.  I really hope I can provide something positive for other people now that I "have a voice."  

I need a name for the new website.  I have a few ideas, but I haven't come up with anything great.  

If you submit a name and I end up choosing it, you'll win a $100 Amazon gift card.  If two of you pick the identical name and I end up selecting it, the gift card will go to whoever submitted the name first.

I will leave comments open on this post until a name is chosen.

Thank you for your help.

(And YES, you may enter as many name ideas as you'd like!)

Good luck!

© Twenty Four At Heart

48 Responses to “Give Me a Name – Contest!”

  1. Bri King

    I immediately thought of the word ‘montage’ (a technique which uses rapid editing, special effects and music to present compressed narrative information) because it seems to represent what you are trying to achieve with the site. That is, a varied yet representative pictorial expression by a number of photographers.
    And as a photographer who uses photography to deal with depression and anxiety, I love the idea of your new venture!

  2. Yvonne A.

    I thought about “phoenix”, since it is a symbol of rebirth or renewal.

  3. Le

    I immediately thought “blurring the focus” because really that is what happens when you have to step back and overcome a challenge. Your current focus becomes blurred and you may or may not refocus on the same subject in the future.

  4. Kelly

    And THIS is why we think you are so inspiring! You have reached in and touched all of us so deeply! (I’ll be back with some name ideas!)

  5. Chantel

    I think this group site is a great idea. What about “Through Our Eyes”? The site will feature posts, stories, photo’s etc… all through each person’s individual perspective.
    Or… “Behind the Lens”

  6. Liz Tee

    All I can come up with is “photoVoice” or “photoVoce”, which I guess could be a play on “sotto voce”.
    I think it will be a wonderful project!

  7. Amy @ Bitchin' Wives Club

    What a beautiful idea, Suzanne! I love it.
    Now for a name, here’s a few off the top of my head:
    Strength in Pictures
    Strong at Heart
    Power in Pictures
    Good luck in this new venture! And you know you have my help.

  8. Karen in Texas

    Blurring or retouching the edges. Living with pain and the meds, blurs the edges and you are constanting retouching. 🙂

  9. Deb Rox

    So happy for you, what an empowering concept!
    I’m wanting to suggest a name that fits in with the umbrella of your work, which is great because your current name is full of the heart that is at the center of your photo site idea. Literally.
    24 Megapixels at Heart
    24mm at Heart
    24x Zoom at Heart
    f2.4 at Heart
    At any rate, rooting for your success!

  10. Karen in Texas

    When living in pain sometimes the edges are blurring and you are “retouching.”

  11. Karen in Texas

    Uhm, see what I mean about blurring the edges? Sorry for the double post.
    How about Positive Negatives

  12. lissnup

    Off the top of my head, just popped over from Twitter..
    with or without funky spelling changes ;D
    Good luck!

  13. Karen in Texas

    I also thought of a possible play on the words pain and pane, but it seems quite stark.
    Or perhaps with a strikethrough on the E.

  14. Trina

    The picture behind the pain
    The pain behind the picture
    From behind the painful blur
    Blurring out the pain
    Morphine the details (morphing)something along the line of you are morphing or changing your life but spelled like the pain med
    I really suck at this!!

  15. Jan

    I can’t think for the life of me of a good name, but I cast STRONG votes for “Positive Negatives” and “f2.4 @ Heart”. “Phoenix” is good, if you can work it into a photo-related title.

  16. Karen in Texas

    Heart Soup
    Soup is the developer used by photographers. As for the Heart, that is Suzanne and those who would participate in the site.

  17. 12ontheinside

    Is it going to have people’s story as well as their photography? If so why not something like “Hear My Voice” – because that can relate to words, video or still image.

  18. dogmother

    I am so bad at this stuff, but I’m excited for you…
    RAW Recovery
    I know, that’s dumb…I’ll keep thinking

  19. unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

    Un-F-Stoppable, which I think describes you pretty well! Some people will see f-stop in there, and some will think it’s un-f*cking-stoppable…I think it’s both! And I think the whole venture is a great idea.

  20. Gal with a Gun (not a camera)

    Shooting Through ___________
    Shooting Through The Pain
    Shooting Through Obstacles
    Or just “Shooting Through” … get it? They are shooting through whatever is holding them back …

  21. angi

    Just a couple ideas…
    Therapy Shot
    Capture Recovery
    Capture Sensitivity
    Sensitivity Shot
    White Balance
    Serenity Balance

  22. Karen in Texas

    Looking at your post today, the name Big Lenses crossed my mind and made me chuckle.
    Although not funny, Braced for Pane … you’re right, that’s pretty yucky.

  23. Karen in Texas

    OK, another popped into my mind
    Heart Focus
    I don’t know, there have been so many amazing suggestions.

  24. Nike

    Hi, its me…..Nike..Heres what I came up with
    Photobilities… all the possibilities with a photo and the ability to take those photos to express yourself! love ya


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