I’m On A Roll And It Isn’t Drug Induced

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Bloggers sometimes get writer's block.

I've been having the opposite problem lately.  So much has been going on, I have so many stories to share – but not enough time to write them up.

And then, just watch … tomorrow I'll have writer's block and forget everything inside my head.

In the meantime, I feel an overwhelming urge to share the following – very random – tidbits with you:

•  Orange County is BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful right now.  Come visit!

•  Steroids are my miracle drug!  Can you say R-E-L-I-E-F?

•  As of yesterday, the doc has taken me OFF my miracle drug – steroids are also dangerous.

•  My pain level is already ramping back up.

•  Fuck pain.

•  Surprisingly (!!), a lot of you like are pirates.

•  I'm a pervert magnet.  Yes, I am.

•  Just ask your local perv and he will tell you how great he thinks I am.

•  Trust me, he knows me – even though I probably hopefully don't know him.

•  I wasn't calling those of you who like are pirates – perverts.  

•  Perverts and pirates are two separate things.  

•  Most of the time.  

•  I think.

•  Dr. Painless and I had a very unusual conversation yesterday about implanting stimulating electrodes in people's bodies.

•  I'm in the waiting-for-insurance-approval stage for my personal, built-in, stimulators.

•  Yes, the vibrating electrodes conversation with Dr. Painless did take a downhill turn.

•  Would you expect anything different from the likes of me?

•  Sometimes, in my writing, I say I'm "disabled."

•  I always use quotes around the word, because there's so much wrong with using the word disabled to describe a human being.

•  Also, I don't REALLY think the word applies to me.

•  And yet, at the same time, I know it does.

•  When a doctor calls me disabled – in a very matter of fact, this-is-reality, manner – I flinch.

•  The words hurt and I think they always will.

•  I've recently signed a Blogger Agreement with Cheerios.

•  They, for some unknown reason, find me "inspirational."

•  On a separate note, there are a lot of people with disabilities and chronic pain who need a voice.

•  I don't pretend to be a spokesperson for anyone but myself.

•  I'm not a great role model either.

•  I am, however, happy to use my voice to help others if I can.

•  I hope I can.

© Twenty Four At Heart

12 Responses to “I’m On A Roll And It Isn’t Drug Induced”

  1. Tami

    Your voice ALREADY helps alot of people. (including me!)
    congratulations on cheerios. Of course they find you inspirational, how could they not?

  2. Pam

    Congratulations! You deserve it! You’re a great writer. It’s a joy to read your posts!

  3. Liz Tee

    I hear ya about the steroids. My husband was put on LARGE doses right after his cancer diagnosis, and he felt FAB-ulous! The down side was that he lost a LOT of muscle mass in the 4 weeks he was on them. But he said he could definitely see how they could be addicting.
    I agree – you are inspiring, whether you admit it or not. 🙂 And you are a great role model, showing that real people who struggle can keep moving forward.

  4. Dani

    You have already helped me far more than you know by sharing your story.

  5. Anne Gibert

    What are pirates? And talk more about stimulators. My son is a pain doctor and he puts them in people. I never thought to ask him what they are and what they do. I wish you and my son knew each other. You would get on wonderfully. But, alas, he is in Charleston SC and you are in CA.

  6. Jenn in Tenn

    Well I, for one, definitely find you inspirational. You go girl!

  7. Jack

    Pirates, Cheerios, Pain and Bionic Nipples. Damn woman, you are locking up all the good SEO terms. 😉

  8. Alexis

    Minnesota is breathtakingly beautiful right now too as the leaves are changing and I just got a new camera to celebrate!! SO…come HERE…and teach me how to use it! LOL
    I told you steroids are great! But, yes – alas – they are BAD for you and it has nothing to do with bulking up. Kinda sucks. I wish the pharmaceutical gurus would work on developing steroids that aren’t bad for us. I would pay for them myself if they would develop them.
    • Fuck pain. Well said.
    • Perverts and pirates are two separate things. Debatable
    • Yes, the vibrating electrodes conversation with Dr. Painless did take a downhill turn. Not so hard to imagine.
    • Would you expect anything different from the likes of me? No…that’s part of why I like reading your stuff!
    • When a doctor calls me disabled – in a very matter of fact, this-is-reality, manner – I flinch. ‘Cuz it’s new to you still…you had more years in front of the crash. Now you’re behind the crash or after the crash and a lot of the phraseology is still new and stings. For docs….it’s what they deal with day in day out so they’re more desensitized to the verbiage than you are. If you don’t like it tell them that.
    • The words hurt and I think they always will. Quite probably.
    • I’ve recently signed a Blogger Agreement with Cheerios. Very cool!
    • They, for some unknown reason, find me “inspirational.” Well….you are…in many ways….so there.
    Bummer about the steroids but when you’re 70 you’ll thank him for not keeping you on them (or so I’m told).

  9. Jan

    Cheerios? Really? Do they know you’ve pretty much cut grains out of your diet? (Still. Way cool.)
    I’m so sorry the conversation about the electrode implants took a downturn – is it just because of the insurance issue?


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