I’ve Been Inked!

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Yesterday I had an appointment to get my first-ever tattoo.

Yes, I did – at the ripe old age of 24!

I was excited, and nervous, but mainly excited.  Of course, I brought my point and shoot camera with me.


I recently met someone who had fantastic tattoos (amazing artwork).  I asked lots of questions and was given a referral to Vance Freeman.  

I've been thinking about a tattoo for over a year now.  I knew I needed to wait until I was out of the pool for awhile because swimming with a new tattoo is a not advised.  Due to all the stuff going on with my arm, I'm not going to be allowed to swim for a couple months.  Now seemed like the perfect time.

Vance works at True at Heart Tattoo in Lake Forest.  Here's a photo of Vance sketching out my soon-to-be tattoo:


I like Vance.  I like him a lot.  If you're in Orange County and you want a tattoo, I highly recommend Vance.  (You can find him, and see examples of his work, on Facebook under his full name Vance Freeman.)

Here's a photo of the needles and ink and … stuff:


I was worried about the pain.  I've had quite enough pain in my life.  It didn't hurt much.  I don't know if it's because I'm used to megadoses of pain, or what.  I was happy to find it easily tolerable.  (It also helped that my friend Nike hung out with me a good deal of the time and distracted me!)

My tattoo is on the inside of my left leg just above my ankle.


I chose the name of this blog for a lot of reasons that are very personal to me.  For those same reasons, I chose the design of my tattoo.  (What I'm trying to say is my tattoo design is not based on my blog name, but my blog name and my tattoo were both chosen for the same reason.)


© Twenty Four At Heart

19 Responses to “I’ve Been Inked!”

  1. Michelle

    I’m liking your artwork. I also like the name of Vance’s studio – True at Heart Tattoo. Goes well with your name 🙂

  2. Maggie

    Oh I love it! It’s very pretty! And the name of his tattoo studio is perfect for you…all matchy matchy and stuff. Well done, you!

  3. di

    Twenty four was one of my most favorite years in my life. There were a few other memorable years also, but age twenty four was great. Love the tatoo.

  4. Tami

    I love it! How funny is it that the name of the tattoo shop matches the name of your blog so closely?

  5. Linda

    Awesome! Always wanted a tattoo. Just could never decide what design I wanted to live with forever!

  6. Dana

    Love it!!! I hope this gives you strength through your upcoming surgery.

  7. Siren

    I was tattooed against my will when I was thirteen, so I always feel a defiant, vicarious thrill when I read a story like this, about someone who chose it from the heart.
    Your tattoo is lovely! Congratulations on a beautiful expression of something so dear to you.

  8. Fibrochondriac

    I’m amazed that yours didn’t hurt more, given the area you chose. Tough girl!
    Tattoos are kind of addictive to some people. My daughter got her first one the day she turned 18. She now has the most amazing back piece that took over 60 hours to complete. It’s a work of art! But now she wants more…

  9. Linda Tustin

    I… WANT… A ….. TATTOO>>>>>>>>>dammit. I want a chile pepper some where. AWESOME 24!

  10. Jason

    I like your tattoo because it is tasteful, understated, and isn’t necessarily in plain sight all the time. Plus, it’s cute.
    Thank you for not getting a Twenty Four at Heart sleeve.
    And I don’t really hate cats.

  11. Shari

    Good for you! It’s perfect! I secretly want a tattoo, but can’t think of anything I want to commit to and I’m sort of waiting. I think that’s because I have a daughter that will be 18 next week and I have discouraged her from getting a tattoo because I can’t see that she will like the same things she does now in 30 years and I don’t want her to regret it. If I get one, she’ll want to one-up me. I do however think at our age (24), it’s a good time to get one because we know who we are and are comfortable in ourselves.


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