Surfing Contest

On Saturday I watched part of the Hurley Pro Surfing Contest at Trestles Beach.

It was a beautiful day and the waves were big.  

There could be no confusion as to who sponsored the competition because Hurley was everywhere you looked – even on big buoys out in the water.


(You're welcome for the free advertising Hurley.  Do you see the PayPal button on my sidebar?  Feel free to activate it!)

Just kidding – they can send a check, don't ya think?

There was a heavy rip current, but that didn't stop endless numbers of surfers from enjoying the day.

Flags on the sand marked the boundaries for the competition.


Personally, I've never had any desire to surf.

It sure is a lot of fun to watch though (especially when there are really great surfers out in the water to entertain me).


They were amazing!

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7 Responses to “Surfing Contest”

  1. Michelle

    I began surfing 3 years ago (just before my *ahem*40th*ahem*. I just love the freedom of being in the water, going with the flow (kinda), and the awesome feeling of flying when I catch a wave.

  2. muskrat

    I only learned to surf a couple months ago, but I can tell this was an awesome day for it! Great pictures.

  3. Jan

    I’ve never surfed, but I’ll boogie board (and snorkel) till the cows come home.
    Someone, please send me to Hawaii straight away, and lock the cows out.
    GREAT photos, btw!

  4. di

    Our day looked just like yours but without the beach. Oh, and without the waves or the ocean. But we had the exact same sunshine you did!
    Great photos, Suzanne!!

  5. Anne Gibert

    Watching is fun. As far as doing it is concerned, I’ll just stick to wading and letting the surf trickle over my toes.


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