Thursday’s Chronicle

I went to one of Orange County's finest day spas for a massage yesterday.

It sounds so fancy-schmancy.  Unfortunately, I visit the spa for therapeutic, not pampering, purposes.  (Some of you may recall, the last time I visited the spa a man named Sick worked on me.)

I'm always in bad shape pain-wise for a few days after a therapeutic massage.  I won't bore you with the my-body-is-more-of-a-train-wreck-than-usual details, but basically it boils down to ….

I'm jacked up on major doses of pain meds and trying to write a post right now.

Forgive me in advance for typos/grammatical errors/general rambling?

Today, I thought I'd cover some "news" I've been meaning to get around to.  I even titled today's post Thursday's Chronicle because it makes it sound so newsy and official, don't ya think?

(It is Thursday, isn't it?)

Wouldn't it be funny if I titled the post Thursday's Chronicle and it was really Tuesday?

* snort *

Since I can't put two thoughts together at the moment, I'm going to try to update you using bullet points.  

Soooooo clever of me!

•  I had an awkward encounter with a woman's nipple outside of the steam room yesterday.

•  My first bullet point probably shouldn't be listed in something official titled Thursday's Chronicle.

•  But – really, I did!

•  Flirty Diva Tees sent me this cute t-shirt after reading my four year anniversary post about my car accident and ongoing struggle recovery.


•  Isn't that nice of them?

•  I've been nominated for three (!) local/Orange County blogging awards.  (Favorite Local Orange County Blog, Favorite Orange County Personal Blog, and Favorite Orange County Humor Blog.)  I'm VERY honored to have been nominated at all, let alone in three categories.

•  I'm not going to ask for you to go vote for me. 

•  There are a lot of bloggers in Orange County who really, really, want the validation of being recognized in any way/shape/form for their blogging efforts.  It isn't that I don't like validation and/or getting an occasional pat on the back too (I do!) … but it's more important to many of them than it is to me.  I've decided to support all the wonderful Orange County bloggers from the sidelines this year.  I wish each and every one of them the best of luck in this local contest.

•  Whew!  It was really difficult to write all of that blogging-award stuff while on pain meds.  I hope I made sense?

•  There were a couple very touching comments on yesterday's post (including one from my daughter).  If you have time to go back and read them, you won't be sorry.

•  I'm currently reading an excellent book called The Pain Chronicles.  I recommend it to any/all of you who suffer from chronic pain.  I also recommend it to those of you who love someone battling chronic pain.

•  I finally caved in and upgraded to Photoshop CS5.  (These are the types of things I do - meaning, online shopping and playing with photos – when sidelined for a few years days.)

•  I'm not very good at getting back to everyone who emails me/comments when I'm going through a bad pain flare up.  I apologize.  I do read every single comment/email you send.  

•  I appreciate (!!) your emails and comments more than you know.  There are many days when your kind words get me through the day.

•  Now, about that awkward encounter with a nipple ….

© Twenty Four At Heart

4 Responses to “Thursday’s Chronicle”

  1. Jan

    You must be out of it, if you’re not elaborating on the nipple encounter.
    Have you called Dr. Painless yet? HMMMMMM???
    Love you, dear.

  2. Tami

    I’m STILL thinking about yesterdays post and just went back and reread it. So beautiful. Whats going on with dr painless?

  3. Michelle Pixie

    I can’t believe you are going to make us wait for you nipple encounter story. 😉
    I am off to by the book for a dear friend of mine. Thanks for the tip!
    I want to upgrade my photoshop so bad…maybe one day soon!
    I hope you are feeling a little better today.


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