Whirlpool? You’ve Got a Problem

Can you see the steam pouring out of my ears?

I am beyond pissed off.

Many of you remember when I wrote this post last April.  My three year old, front loading, top of the line, Whirlpool washing machine completely "failed" and needed a total rebuild.  The repairs would have cost more than the machine cost brand new.

Whirlpool saw my tweets about the incident.  They came out and rebuilt the entire washer for free.  At the time I questioned why they didn't just replace it (it would have been cheaper for them), but they didn't.  I was grateful to have Whirlpool repair the washer even though the whole incident was inconvenient and a pain in the ass.  

Mind you, Whirlpool didn't HAVE to repair my machine for free.

As you recall, I have to do laundry with one working arm.  We have no laundromats nearby and I can't lift laundry baskets … so the inconvenience of a broken washing machine is a much bigger deal for me than for the average consumer.

Five months passed and recently my washer began SCREAMING every time I used it.

Yes, washing machines CAN scream and if you don't believe me you're welcome to get within 100 yards of my house and LISTEN.

When the machine "failed" last April, I bought a service contract on it for $100/year.  I figured I was wasting my money, but ….

And so, last week I called the service company.  I've been waiting for nearly a week, with a screaming washing machine, for them to come out and take a look at the machine.

Guess what?

It's the EXACT same problem as five months ago … the machine has "failed" and needs a total REBUILD.  


This involves ordering lots of BIG parts, waiting for the parts to be delivered to my house, checking to see if the parts arrived damaged or not (they often do), re-calling service out, and spending ANOTHER day at home while they rebuild the machine completely A SECOND TIME in five months.

The cost to Whirlpool?

Well, they could have given me two or three new washers for what this is costing them.

And no, this second rebuild won't cost me anything, except time and inconvenience, because I'm paying $100 year for a service contract.

(Which seems outright ridiculous for a machine that was "the top of the line" when it was built three years ago, don't ya think?)

And yet?

Thank God I have that service contract!

The repairman could hardly get over his shock at my situation.

"I can't believe it!" he exclaimed multiple times.

"What happened?" he asked quizzically … as if I've been having parties with all my friends inside the washing machine instead of – you know, just doing my laundry.

I don't think I'm an unreasonable person.  Clearly, things can go wrong once in awhile – I understand that.


The exact same (major) problem TWICE in five months?

I might be missing something in this equation, but I'd like to suggest Whirlpool has built a model with a major design flaw.

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20 Responses to “Whirlpool? You’ve Got a Problem”

  1. Maggie

    Holy crap! I think I’ll be steering well clear of Whirlpool for awhile. This is bunk! I hope they’ll have the sense to just friggin’ replace your washer this time around. Stupid!

  2. Momma Sunshine

    OMG. Wow. Thank Goodness for that service contract you have! I can’t believe it. Sorry you’re going through all this crap – yet again! Yeesh.

  3. unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

    And don’t forget that Whirlpool also makes Kenmore appliances. And I congratulate you on the service contract. I would have been thinking, “Oh no way can this happen AGAIN!” I think you need to post a picture and the model number.

  4. Jan

    Methinks you got a lemon. But, hey – at least I know what brand NOT to buy when my ancient-but-hanging-in-there machine goes to The Big Laundry Room In The Sky.

  5. Joanne

    I think a lot of times companies rush to offer ‘top of the line” trying to out do other brands, and leave a lot of design details to fall by the way. Have you done and research for reviews on your particular model? That would allow you to know if you are the only one or , there might be hundreds of issues with this machine, giving you better leverage to get whirlpool to step up to the plate and replace your machine. go ahead give us the model, so we can find out how many pissed of housewives in dirty clothes are screaming about this!

  6. di

    Have you checked any chat boards out there to see if anyone else has had this same problem with the same model you have? Good thing you are warning people… by the way, what is the model you have? I have the Whirlpool Duet ht model and we purchased it 3 years ago. No problems with it. Sorry to hear about this, I too hate being stuck at home all day over maintenance issues. :((

  7. di

    P.S. Whirlpool was not my first choice but David decided after reading information online/reviews that it would be the best machine. I wanted an LG brand.

  8. Kelly

    Unbelievable! I would be losing it big time! My next washing machine will not be a whirlpool. I’ve heard good things about bosch.

  9. Lisa

    Wow that really sucks! That service contract just paid for itself ten times over! Thank goodness you had that. I agree with the others who said to research your model to find out if it’s a design flaw or if you got a lemon. Maybe they would finally trade the machine for a new one if it turns out to be a design issue. I hope they can get it up and running soon!

  10. Tami

    Have you contacted your local newspaper and tv stations? This should be some type of consumer alert to save other people the nightmare you’ve had.

  11. missy

    I think sometimes bad things just happen. When I was researching washing machines 3 years ago I even consulted an independent repairman who was fixing my dishwasher and he gave glowing reviews to the Whirlpool/Maytag brand so I ended up with a Maytag. Knock on wood – no problems.
    I don’t understand why they just don’t replace it.

  12. hokyfan

    I had HUGE problems last year and after lots of time, effort and energy, they finally replaced my 8 month old machine. It wasn’t easy and the new one is still REALLY loud! Good luck with your rebuilt machine!

  13. WebSavvyMom

    –>We bought the Bosch front loaders four years ago and didn’t have any problems til the gasket inside the washer got mangled. It was complete user error on my part because a piece of clothing got stuck when I shut the door and ran the load. What I didn’t appreciate in August was a service person coming out, ordering a part and leaving. We had to wait another week til the part arrived and a different person came back to fix it. I was happy I bought the warranty too but the inconvenience was Awful! I ignored the nearby laundrymat and took advantage of my best friend’s house a mile away.

  14. Rob

    It’s called “under engineering”. Cute, eh? Someone else invented it. Americans perfected it and then named it.
    Therefore stimulating the economy! Mmmm…stimulating…
    24 and Followers; just keep bitchin’. The Companies don’t care but the field technicians tire of getting beat up. They bitch to the Suits and OMG! the product/part (finally…maybe…?)gets “new and improved!”.
    Doing laundry is a necessary chore – it shouldn’t be punishing.

  15. Quack and Quill

    I like your blog!
    My repairman told me about a woman in Raleigh (I’m in NC) who bought one of the front loading Maytags when they first came out. She had a laundry room that was upstairs, and they’d just had all the floors in their home refinished when they bought the washer. One morning she filled it up and started it and left to go to work. Twelve hours later she comes in to find that the door to the washer came opened and that the water ran non-stop for twelve hours … it ruined her floors, soaked through to her ceilings and dripped to the downstairs and ruined a lot of stuff there, too. Her insurance covered the damage, it took a lot of time and bother but all was repaired, and Maytag, who was notified, replaced the washer with a new one.
    Two weeks after getting the floors redone again and the walls and ceilings fixed … and the new washer installed … THE SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!
    Can you believe that Maytag offered to replace the washer a second time? LOL! Needless to say, she did NOT accept.


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