Family Portrait

I've mentioned before my family doesn't want me sharing photos of them on the Internet.  Never mind, they are all on Facebook sharing way more info than I would ever divulge about them here on 24.  I watch other bloggers share photo after photo of their family and, I admit, I sometimes want to do the same.

Nonetheless, I respect their wishes and I always ask permission before sharing any photos or information they might object to.  

When I first began blogging, I had a few glitches.  

I really didn't think anyone was reading anything I wrote.  I wrote only under the pen name of 24 so I didn't think anyone would ever really know who I was, etc., etc.  But … somewhere along the way people began actually reading my words.  Also, there's the fact that this "column" is now linked to by our local paper (with a daily readership of 600 – 900,000.)  My anonymity went out the window a long time ago.

I even get the occasional troll or just plain off-his-rocker freak stopping by.


I try to be careful.  I don't put many photos up of family members, I don't mention what schools my kids are at, blah, blah, blah.  

When four out of five of us were together in North Carolina a week ago, someone snapped an awesome family photo.  My daughter, TR, wasn't with us but it was easy enough to Photoshop her into the picture and pretend she had been with us the entire time.  I've blocked out the college names on our sweatshirts, but I couldn't resist sharing:


Aren't they charming?

They make me so proud!

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10 Responses to “Family Portrait”

  1. Michelle

    You should be proud of your family…..even if it’s because you got four out of five of you in the once place at the same time!! ;-D

  2. Sandi

    I love your family picture. PR is TALL! How did that happen? Does it bug his big brother? You are all darling.

  3. Jan

    Goodness – your family resembles mine so much it’s uncanny.
    For the record, I’m careful about what I post, too – I always, always ask Beloved/kids if I can post their pictures or stories about them before I do. For the most part, they’re okay with it – like you said, their Facebook walls/profiles are far more revealing than my blog could ever be!

  4. Linda

    Damn!! That is one good lookin family!!! Glad y’all (minus one) could get together all in one place:)

  5. Deidre

    The real question is are the square and arrow covering up college insignia or bionic nipples?


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