Fun, Fun, Fun!

There's something about ferris wheels and roller coasters that is just so fun to photograph.  Throw the beach into the equation and Twenty Four is one happy photographer!

(Wow – I just talked about myself in the third person AND used my pseudonym.  Do you think it's time to stop drinking wine?)  

Naw ……!

The wonderful thing about the occasional storms we get in Southern California?

Almost no one goes to the beach when the weather is "bad."

No one, but me ….


© Twenty Four At Heart

3 Responses to “Fun, Fun, Fun!”

  1. Jenny in MN

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos with us. I’m so relieved that you are able to get your surgery covered and scheduled! Told you it had to be some sort of idiotic error. 🙂
    Just think, several months from now…after you are healed…you may get enough pain relief in order to find new ways to manage the left over pain… Find a new normal. I’m hoping anyhow! Have a great weekend!

  2. Arlene

    Hi! I love your blog. I grew up in Atascadero, CA and have lived all over CA, including various parts of Orange County. Now living on the other side of the continent. But, I don’t recognize that beach shot. Ferris wheel? Roller coaster? I haven’t been to CA in many years–miss it. But, I want to know–where did you take that fabulous picture?

  3. Michelle

    Looks like so much fun……if you like heights and speed…, not so much.


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