It’s Been On My Mind

** I'm so behind on email!  My apologies to everyone who is waiting to hear back from me. **

Life is interesting and, to me, very amusing.

Here's what's been going on in my brain lately:

•  What is Flap Meat?  (After seeing it at Costco)

•  I will never buy Flap Meat, whatever it is, because it makes me think of a woman's muffin top.  Flap.Meat.

•  I was obsessed with the Angry Birds game – Halloween version.  I beat it, and now I'm wondering what's next in life?  Someone suggested Doodle Jump?

•  Should I buy a new set of granny panties for Surgery #8?  I'd hate to wear the same pair twice in front of the SAME people!  If so, what color?  (The only pair I own now are black.)

 Tiffany & Co., the fancy jewelry store, invited me to an event the day AFTER my surgery.  Maybe they'll mail me a consolation prize since I can't attend?

•  I wonder if my toenails should match my granny panties for Surgery #8?  Is that important?

•  My birthday is coming up and I want boots.  Brown or black?  I wear a lot of both colors.

•  Why is there a cannon at the top of the Santa Monica pier?  Pirates?

•  The most amusing place in Orange County is the Money Town Starbucks.  I could sit there for HOURS.

•  I don't get any work done, no matter how I try, when I go to the Money Town Starbucks.  Instead I make note of women with fish lips, people who have badly distorted themselves with plastic surgery, and men who are very impressed with their own importance.  It's very entertaining.

•  Free People sells really cute clothes, but they're far from free, people.

•  There was a couple having sex under the Santa Monica Pier while I was there.  I did NOT photograph them.  Sex under the pier is not something you'd see in Orange County.  We like to think we're klassee down here!  (Or we wait till after dark vs. 11 in the morning?)

•  I committed carbicide over the weekend.  Back to healthy eating today!

•  Why were there no seat covers in the public bathroom stalls in North Carolina?  I thought public sanitation laws required them everywhere?

•  The emails you send me are incredible/touching/funny.

•  Some of you requested – so yes, I've just added a Santa Monica album on my photo website.  There are a few photos in it already and I'll add more as I get some time to edit more photos.  (See camera/photo button on 24 sidebar)

•  If you didn't stop by this weekend, go back and look at yesterday's black and white photo from under the Santa Monica pier.  It's my current favorite photo … and the couple having sex aren't visible in the shot.  (Does that disappoint you?)

•  While I'm thinking of it – yes, there are still Twenty Four At Heart calendars available for those of you who want them for the holidays.  (PayPal button on sidebar of 24)

•  Sorry for adding that "business" stuff into this post, but people have been inquiring.

•  I really should close this post on a lighter note.

•  While everyone else looks NICE at the Money Town Starbucks, I find myself there in too big, very old, yoga pants, an old black t-shirt and running shoes. 

•  Right before Surgery #7 the anesthesiologist asked my doctor what position he wanted me in.  My doc and I both burst out laughing.  Dirty minds think alike?

© Twenty Four At Heart 

9 Responses to “It’s Been On My Mind”

  1. Alexis

    Red panties & red toenails!! Love it!! When I find shoes I like, I almost always buy a pair in brown and a pair in black just because. I have huge feet and it’s a big deal to find shoes I actually like so I grab what I can when I can. Never had sex under the pier….will admit to sex on Black’s Beach once (when we had the beach to ourselves) 30 years ago and hey….thanks for bringing THAT memory back! 😉 Sigh…youth.

  2. karen

    Hmm.. why bother with the granny panties? But on your best lacy racey number and let them gawk. Toes to match 🙂
    Love Free friggin expensive though. *sigh*

  3. Joanne

    ralph Lauren makes a pair of boots that retail for right around a grand. Who could afford them, not me, but they WILL make you make sex sounds when you look at them, Zappos has a great picture of them, called Sahara. drop dead yummy.
    I think you should wear grannies that say something like “what are you looking at? It’s my shoulder, perv!”

  4. Laura

    Oh how you make me smile!
    BTW, can you give me any info on how to incrypt a picture so that someoen can’t take it off my blog?

  5. unmitigated me

    You know, 24, everything that is not a thong is not classified as granny panties! However, if you are most comfortable wearing butt floss, I say, go for it.

  6. di

    Get your butt out there and buy a new pair of panties for the occasion. Road trip to the panty store… LOL

  7. Di@PowderRoomGraffiti

    Oh no – surely not ‘Flap Meat’ – wtf??? I feel quite queasy. You have to get photographic evidence of this (and someone in the Costco Marketing Dept will have a lot to answer for).
    I must confess that I searched hard for the copulating couple in the Santa Monica photo – perhaps you could run a sort of ‘Spot the Ball’ competition Suzanne – where you artificially erase the image of them – and we all have to guess where it was that they were shagging – and mark it with an ‘X’!

  8. Rob

    Uh hmm.
    Color suggestion. Black is Always acceptable. New or already seen is okay. Just not too faded or thread bare (bugs us, too).
    If you feel the need for a change…then
    salmon. Deep, deep salmon. It just looks nice. The very next universal color.

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