My Annual Trip: Roger’s Gardens

Every October I make a trip to Roger's Gardens in exclusive Corona Del Mar. 

(All photos in this post were taken with my little pocket camera.)

My local readers are probably very familiar with Roger's Gardens.  It's, in theory, a high quality and also high priced nursery.  In reality, it's so much more.

It's beautiful, stunning, amazing … gorgeous.

It includes winding paths, hanging baskets of exotic flowers, fountains, waterfalls, and statues of every size.

There are also stores filled with the cutest gardening decor you've ever seen.  Things like hand painted birdhouses, dozens of styles of handmade hummingbird feeders, and zillions of other items that make you gasp with delight and squeal.

Or maybe that's just me?

Oh, how I miss gardening since the car accident!

Maybe someday I'll be coordinated enough with my left hand to garden again?

There are also rooms at Roger's Gardens filled with home decor completely unrelated to gardening.

Corona Del Mar isn't far from me.  I could visit Roger's Gardens frequently if I wanted, but I don't stop in often.  The reason I don't has to do with their prices, my lack of willpower, and the fact I ooh and aah over nearly everything I see there.




You get the idea ….

So why do I visit Roger's Gardens every October?

Well, I like to go in October because the gardens are beautifully decorated for fall.  Everywhere you turn there are pumpkins and gourds and mums and … the simple charms of the season.


At this time of year, the individual stores/rooms are filled to the brim with Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving decorations, and rooms and rooms of Christmas decorations.  

There's so much to look at and admire.

During my October visit, I also buy one special Christmas tree ornament (Christopher Radko) for each of my three kids.  October is the month when all the new Radko ornaments for the holidays have arrived.  It's also before the insane Christmas rush begins.  Every year my kids get one of these beautiful ornaments as a gift.  When they eventually have their own homes, I will send them off with a box of their very own ornaments to begin their holidays with.  It's a Twenty Four at Heart family tradition.

It's impossible to wander the gardens in October and not leave feeling very fall-ish.  By the end of my visit yesterday, I felt eager to begin the next couple months and all the holiday celebrations that come with them.



I love the coziness of fall.  

© Twenty Four At Heart

10 Responses to “My Annual Trip: Roger’s Gardens”

  1. Arlene

    Hi Suzanne, I would think that a trip to Roger’s Gardens would be just the thing to bring home the reality of autumn in Southern California.
    One thing I have noticed here in Philadelphia (and it’s also true in the city’s suburbs) is that more people decorate their houses for every holiday. Everywhere (in the U.S.) there are folks who go all out for Xmas. But here, in addition to the pumpkins, we’ve got goblins and witches in the front yards. Next month there will be turkeys. In February there will be hearts in all the windows. I think of it as “extreme decorating.” Maybe there’s more of that in CA these days, but, somehow, I think there’s more of it here.

  2. di

    HOLEY MOLEY… now that’s my kind of place! I could put a hammock out there and just breathe in the autumn-ness of it all day long.
    Great photos even if they are from your pocket camera. That’s how I roll too when in a place of business.

  3. KarenL

    So what kind of little camera do you use? I’m in the market for one and those photos are beautiful.

  4. linda

    Fall is such a relief from summer. We’ve started using the fireplace on the patio. It’s so nice. Pretty photos.

  5. Anne Gibert

    How beautiful to see. I specially love the warty pumpkins. I missed fall this year by going to the instant winter of Alaska. When I go home to Washington in 2 weeks everything will be cold, wet and soggy. Your photos as always are spectacular.

  6. Erica

    Fall is gorgeous! I really have to start taking pictures to see if I can make memories as pretty as yours. I’m hiding out right now because I forgot trick or treating was today in my neighborhood and have no candy.

  7. Carrie Von Hemert

    Ever since I was a kid I would visit Roger’s Garden with my mom. Sometimes we would just run
    over for inspiration but usually in the Summer time we would go specifically to pick up flowers, potting
    soil, moss and wire hanging baskets to build our own colorful hanging baskets for the backyard. To this day I still look forward to my annual visits usually in The Fall & Winter months and especially
    around Thanksgiving. I often think of Roger’s as being one of my favorite places to visit! The creative displays & accessories are always breath-taking! Gotta go and get my fix!

  8. Sheila

    Oh how I miss Rogers Gardens! We lived in Orange, CA for a couple of years and we made numerous trips there and then moved back home to Kansas City area. Anytime I’m ever out that way again, I wil sure go there. I can recall an incredible Halloween birthday decorated room–some years ago, with eerie birthday music. We bought the cd of it! Neatest halloween room I’ve EVER seen–and they never did it that way again that I knew of. We have a few pics of it at least:-) I have about 50 boxes of halloween decor. Love October, love the fall, my birthday is in October, and I’m a redhead? LOL And I have a niece who’s birthday IS on halloween!! Wish we had a Rogers Gardens here!:-)


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