Romeo, Oh Romeo!

I've fallen in love.  

Well, maybe it isn't really love – but who cares?

And before I tell you this story, I want you to know I can be a cougar in my own mind if I want to.  Especially after a week like this one.

During the hour before my surgery I was hanging out on a gurney in my sexy hospital gown, with my granny panties on, and my hair tucked into a too-hawt-to-handle hospital cap on my head.  After a night of no sleep, I was definitely looking my most awesome best.

A man in surgical scrubs approached me, looked me in the eyes with the sexiest green, smoky, bedroom eyes I've ever seen and said, "Hi.  I'm Romeo and I'll be the one turning you on."


"Promise?!" I laughed, unable to tear my eyes away from the gorgeous hunk of Italian man in front of me.

He blushed.

I sighed.

And no, his name isn't REALLY Romeo … but it might as well be.  (And the above photo isn't really him either – he is SO much hotter!)

We all have our "types," right?  You know, a physical LOOK that makes our heart pitter patter and our mouths drool.

Romeo is IT for me.

Tall, dark, handsome … with dark curls surrounding his rugged, sexy, face.  He has green, intense, eyes that seem to smolder with a glance.  He looks at ease with his nice build … muscular, but not muscle-bound.

Romeo has lots and lots of sexiness wrapped up into one drool-worthy package.


Never mind, Romeo is way too young for me - 

Romeo is cougar-fantasy material and that is all that really matters.

Have I mentioned there was a roomful of people in the operating room with me the other day?

Two surgeons, numerous nurses, an anesthesiologist, other confusing I-don't-know-who-they-were people, and two men from the company that makes the neurostimulator.

Romeo was one of the people in the operating room with me.

You know what that means?

Romeo has already seen me buck naked except for my sexy granny panties.

Romeo works as a stimulator expert.

I kid you not … Romeo is an official Expert Stimulator.

Romeo faithfully calls me at home every night to ask how I'm feeling.

We talk about pulsing sensations and how many batteries I might want to take care of my needs.

Romeo not only told me he would turn me on, he actually did!  

Quite successfully too.

"You made me tingly," I told him yesterday.

"Do you want more?" he asked.

""Yes!" I answered eagerly …….

And that is exactly what my time with Romeo is like.

Sometimes I want to giggle and giggle because – oh, the jokes and innuendos!

Romeo has told me I'm "cute" and that I "have a great laugh."  Clearly, that means we will run away together and spend our lives in green-smoky-eyed bliss.


Yesterday, I spent close to two hours with Romeo.  He turned me on repeatedly.  Sometimes the feelings were more intense; sometimes the feelings built slowly.  Once or twice, things got a little more intense than I could handle.

"Do you want me to slow down?" he asked.

"Maybe just a little," I answered.

"Are you sore?" he answered, concerned.

"No, it's okay.  I like it," I reassured him.

Today, Romeo and I are getting together again.  This time he said he'd show me three NEW ways to be turned on.

"I can make you feel all different types of sensations," he confided.

Romeo, Oh Romeo ….

© Twenty Four At Heart

28 Responses to “Romeo, Oh Romeo!”

  1. di

    I’ve always fallen for the dark haired Romeos of the world. Those eyes just eat a woman up. RAWR!!

  2. Tami

    Ha ha ha! Only you 24! I’m moving to orange coutny!

  3. NeCole

    Lemons into lemonade…girl, you rawk it!(hope you are recovering well; you are in my thoughts)

  4. missy

    I knew this was prime 24 material yesterday, but you exceeded my expectations. This reads like a romance novel!

  5. Ginger

    Your marriage must be very secure. My husband would have a fit and fall into it, if I posted anything like this!
    Glad to hear things are going better for you.

  6. Kelly

    Hysterical. This is SO “24.” Right up the alley of your sense of humor! If only we all could have an expert stimulator. Do you get to bring home along with the implant? : )

  7. Caren

    Bwahahahahaha!! this post is pure awesomeness! Also wondering if I can come with on your next appointment?

  8. DuchessOmnium

    Oh, my! I have been a bit busy flying over the Atlantic so have missed your latest… Good luck! And I hope the wires get just a little less intrusive… On the other hand, maybe your friends could tap in when their cell phones run out of power.

  9. Erica

    Obviously the primary purpose of a hot doctor is sexy distraction. I have learned so much from this blog!

  10. Kristen

    Damn, I need a cold shower after reading this! LMAO!

  11. Michelle

    This is you at your awesome best. Making us laugh, smile (and maybe even get turned on) in spite of what your going though. Lemonade from lemons. Is it any wonder why you are so loved? You make the best of every fucking bad situation your given and girl, you’ve been given a lot. I’d be sitting in a dark room crying if it were me. Luv ya!
    Off to take a cold shower now.

  12. A Vapid Blonde

    “O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?”
    This has got to be one of my most favorite Shakesperean lines.
    It really packs a punch, a plea and a paramour of sorts.
    Deliciously yummy!

  13. stacy

    That was so great Suzanne. Glad that you are feeling better.

  14. Marissa

    LOL @Neil!!
    24 ~ you ROCK IT woman! I was shopping @ Costco and couldn’t stop thinking about reading this … then life happened and I couldn’t get online until now.
    So glad my personal stimulator … aka my bf … is here tonight, that was just plain hawt!

  15. Alexis

    Sorry – we’ve been “trippin” as you’ll see by my photos. Just read this. Wherefore ART thee Romeo?! Sigh.
    Nice. Very very nice.
    Prayin for good things for you and your stimulation machine!

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