Santa Monica Pier

I've received a lot of comments/questions/emails regarding my jaunt up to Santa Monica last week.  (And yes, the first few photos in today's post – plus a few others, have been put in the Santa Monica album on my photo site.  Thank you everybody for all the photo orders lately!)


I have to admit, I had a great day.

When I was a kid and tween, I spent a lot of time in Santa Monica.  

There's a huge area under the pier which the public has access to.  I used to love to play under the pier as a kid.  When the tide is out, it's like one gigantic fort under there.  (And I do mean gigantic – it's not a normal sized pier!)


On this visit, I think I spent nearly as much time taking photographs under the pier as I did up on top.


I think I have a bit of a pier obsession.

I loved being under the pier just as much as I used to as a child.  The challenge this trip, was to take photos in impossible lighting conditions.  I love a good challenge.  It was fun!

There were also things that made me wonder why, such as this random "noodle" on top of the pier:


I laughed out loud when I saw it, and again when I read the sign next to it.

There was also a "contortionist" performing.  He plugged in a boom-box with blaring music, set out paper cups to mark his territory, announced he would like people to give him money and began turning himself into a pretzel.


How does someone get to the point in life where they're performing between paper cups for tips?  I imagine he's just like thousands of others who came to L.A. thinking they'd become a *star*. 

I've never had any desire to be a celebrity.  Maybe the fact I'm a 5th generation Southern Californian has left me jaded.  

How about you?

Have you ever dreamed of being a star?

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9 Responses to “Santa Monica Pier”

  1. Jack

    Have you ever dreamed of being a star?
    Yes one day I will become a blogging superstar who is paid millions of dollars to write random thoughts about life, parenting and coyotes.

  2. Deidre

    I think when I was little I wanted to be star like The Vet from All Things Great and Small…or like Lassie.

  3. di

    I’m laughing at the sign by the big noodle too. It’s quite funny when you stop to think about it.

  4. Tami

    The noodle IS funny. Love the photos. My favorite is the second one but the very first one is so cool too. I always wanted to be a singer. Non one in particular but a famous singer.

  5. Judi

    I am a star in my own mind, and used to dream of being a famous DJ on the radio.
    They had a noodle just like that (same sign, too) outside Wrigley Field when I was in Chicago in June. Wonder if it’s a travelling thing or if they just have multiple noodles all over the country…. I think it’s really just a Kraft publicity stunt. There were billboards in various parts of the city that referenced the noodle and had Kraft logos.

  6. Sandra

    My children think I’m a star. 🙂
    As a child I wanted to be:
    * Annie after my parents took me to see “Annie” in theater
    * Laura Ingles, because it looked really easy and fun, plus Pa was handsome.
    * A Cosby child, only I was the wrong color

  7. Amy_in_Stl

    I never wanted to be a star. As a child I wanted to find out I had fabulously wealthy parents who had left me with my (actual) parents for safekeeping. I wanted to be a rich child who becomes a wealthy eccentric recluse. Odd that most of the rich children aren’t recluses anymore – that’s kind of a sad statement on the media.

  8. vodkamom

    I’ve decided I need to come for a visit. What say you????

  9. Rob

    OK, what’s the reddish structure fastened to the piling? It looks about 4/5 of a dory boat… object d’art now?
    Re: Paper Cup Contortionis. There are dreams, there are realities and then destinies. Ya gotta respect someone who uses his talents!


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