The Weekend

I just KNOW you're dying to hear about my weekend.

My life is SO exciting like that!

Remember last Friday when I said how badly I needed rest and recuperation time?

Well, that didn't happen.

In fact, the whole weekend ended up being a blur of … blurriness.

My son and his girlfriend went to their homecoming football game Friday night.  

The next day …


They went to their homecoming dance.


First love is very cute.


From a parent's perspective all the activities meant nonstop a lot of driving around all weekend.  There was also the standard parent photo opp which seemed to go on for hours.

The next day I got an email from some of the kids saying, "You are a phenominal [sic] photographer!"

It made me smile.

And then, there was the After Party.

(For those of you who are new to life with teens, the After Party is what happens after the big dances.)  

The After Party was at our house.

I'm not quite sure how I got suckered into the After Party, but I guess I should be glad my son and his friends were at our house where I could keep an eye on them.

It was rainy and drizzly on Sunday. 

I ended up spending the afternoon hosting a teen birthday party for someone who is not my teen.  No, I didn't volunteer to host it … people just started showing up and it turned into another teen party.



Not a chance …

But I did make soup while my house was filled with chaos and teenagers.

I was excited, because it was an excuse to use my immersion blender.  I haven't needed to use it for a few months.  

(We all know how much I like vibrating, whirling toys, right?)

I made butternut squash soup with just a touch of cayenne in it to add a little kick.

Except … 

I may have accidentally spilled a bottle of little extra cayenne in by accident.


Pass the water please …


Always measure out your spices over the sink instead of over the pot in case you spill.

Your welcome!

The End ….

© Twenty Four At Heart

10 Responses to “The Weekend”

  1. unmitigated me

    Wow. She appears to be wearing a lovely dress. So many girls dress as though they are searching for a career on a streetcorner…skin-tight mini dresses barely covering la vagine, and 4-inch stilettos.

  2. WebSavvyMom

    –>I hope I’m the after party house when my son gets older preferably when I’m there to chaperone too.

  3. Amy

    Love, love, love the photos especially the first one. Pure cuteness!

  4. Jack

    I remember those parties- but am definitely not ready to be the host. No sir, I can wait a while.

  5. di

    Sounds like a fun week-end being surrounded by youth. I can see why they liked the photos… they rock!

  6. m

    Sorry to get distracted by the soup but I am in need of a yummy butternut squash recipe! Not that I cook at all, but I’m hoping since you did it with one working arm I can pull it off. I hope that doesn’t come off offensive…..I just really can’t cook!

  7. Rob

    I too am distracted by the soup.
    A long time ago my ex and were on a camping trip with some vegetarians where were taking turns cooking the evening meal. On one night it was the responsibility of someone who was notorious for his bland meals.
    My ex and I volunteered to help, hoping to “spice things up” a bit.
    Ya see where this is going? Kim, Marty (the vegi) and I all jacked it with cayenne.
    Separately. Out of eye-shot of one another.
    It was – really – like an “I Love Lucy” episode. There wasn’t enough rice, beer, water or milk to snuff the flames of the diners. Marty was perplexed. “I wanted to make something spicy. I even added a little extra.”
    My ex and giggled through the pain. I don’t think we ever told Marty (but he suspected!). Don’t worry. No one went too hungry. Seems vegies carry emergency back-up rations. Makes sense.
    All hell. I was 24.

  8. Maggie

    I’d like to be the after party house…so that I can supervise! Sounds like good soup…where’d you get the recipe?


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