A Little of This, A Little of …

I think I can, officially, say I'm over the hump with the worst of the post-surgery misery.  It's going to be a long recovery process, but the horrible-as-hell stuff is retreating.


THAT was not fun.

On Saturday, for the first time since Surgery #8, I was able to wear a "real" (very soft!) shirt and it didn't make me cry.


I still have to wear yoga pants every day.  I can't imagine wearing "real" pants ever again – my abdomen is still too sore.  I may have to make a run to The Gap to buy a few more pairs.  (I think they have the most comfortable ones.)

But hey, I wore a real shirt on Day #10.  Woo hoo!


If the doc makes your fat stomach hurt enough, your arm won't seem so bad.

Heh …

I also checked my battery on Saturday and found I was still fully charged.  Then I turned myself UP for more pain control which really helped.

Yes, it IS freaky to be bionic.

It was beautiful here this weekend.  Temperatures in the mid-eighties (28+ C), a nice breeze – spectacular.  I took turns sitting outside on my patio, my upstairs deck, and by the pool.

I am so exciting!

I spent a lot of time playing with my new point and shoot camera too.

My dog, Mocha, might have gotten a little tired of all my practice clicks.


Not a bad photo for a point and shoot.  I used Aperture Priority Mode for the above shot which is why her face is in focus and the rest of her is blurred.

In contrast, later in the weekend I took this one with my 7D.  (Oh yes, I did – but I completely supported the camera with my left hand.  I've got crazy camera skillzzzz!)

The above photo was also taken in Aperture Priortity Mode, but with my 7D and a macro lens.  I think it's a beautiful portrait and beautiful photo quality.

So, this is the deal …

In my opinion, the Canon S95 is probably the best, small, point and shoot camera on the market at the moment.  So far, I've been impressed at what it can do.  (Not that I'm a point and shoot expert or anything, but several of you have contacted me to say you're in the market for one and wanted to know my opinion.)

For example, it has a fish eye feature:


However, I've also realized how spoiled I am with my 7D.  

I knew I wouldn't get photo quality anything like what I'm used to – and I didn't.  I'm a perfectionist so it's frustrating for me not to.  

I need to get over it.

Shutter Priority Mode did pretty well when I tried it on one of the many hummingbirds living in my yard.  Have I ever mentioned my backyard is home to dozens of hummingbirds?  Dozens!

They love my house ….


Did you know hummingbirds will "dive bomb" right at you?

Well, they will.  And they do!  (I haven't had one hit me yet, though.)

Briefcase took me to Dana Point Harbor for a short visit on Saturday.  The harbor is flat.  There are benches to rest everywhere.  I wanted to get out of our house, have a change of scenery, and be by the ocean. 

I decided to try the "beach" setting on the camera.

It sucked.

I didn't like any of the photos I got.

Next time, I'll handle the settings myself – which is what I should have done in the first place.

I did, however, get this awesome self portrait.


I think my legs are growing.

So far, it's my favorite shot with the new camera.

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13 Responses to “A Little of This, A Little of …”

  1. Michelle

    Glad you’re enjoying being bionic! And you don’t look to be in as much pain in the photo of you today.
    I really like all your photos, but I’m not a photographer. I just imagine I could take great photos, but just have a point-and-shoot which I never remember to take anywhere, and most photos out and about are on my Blackberry. So, like I said, I just pretend!

  2. Deidre

    As you know, I love pictures of your puppies!
    I am constantly disappointed with my point and shoot – and I don’t even have a big girl camera. Le sigh. I used to have a Cannon powershot and I adored it, but I lost it. boo

  3. Ginger

    Your photos are fabulous. And kudos to you for getting right back on your feet so fast and using your camera. I hope you continue to improve.

  4. Jan

    Yay! It’s working! I could not be more delighted for you.
    The minute I got my Nikon, Be and The Young One confiscated my point and shoot for their own use. Well, that’s all right…it was old anyway.

  5. di

    HA! I took a shadow shot this week-end too. Not quite as fun as yours, but my legs were soooooo long.
    Pocket cameras are so convenient, but once you go with a big guns camera the lack of quality is so evident in the pocket camera photos. They just are what they are…. convenient and easy to use, which I do a lot!

  6. Tami

    Love the brick floor! Also, the dolphin photo over the weekend is amazing. The water looks just like glass. I like the shadow photo a lot too. So glad things are getting better for you.

  7. Allie

    I think you got some really great shots with your little camera!

  8. Freda

    Glad that you are starting to get over the surgery – you are very brave. BTW the hummingbirds look wonderful. I’ve never seen one in real life, it must be magic to watch them.

  9. Jack

    Bionics are cool- still remember The Six Million Dollar man. Dude was my hero when I was a boy.

  10. DuchessOmnium

    That is a totally brilliant self portrait. Get ye to a web designer so s/he can work out how to turn it into your banner. A vertical banner?

  11. Rob

    Have your hummingbirds ever have a “turf war” over a feeder?
    It’s so wild! Like a high speed aerial dive-bombing ballet.

  12. The Mayor

    I so appreciate the camera tips. I always love your pretty photos and I’m shopping for a point & shoot that will produce higher quality pictures.
    I’m going to look at The Canon, and compare it to the Nikon S8100 I played with today.


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