A Week Ago

A week ago I was here:

Victoria Beach in the city of Laguna

© Twenty Four At Heart

7 Responses to “A Week Ago”

  1. Michelle

    That is beautiful. I’d love to look at it all day, but then I’d never get anything done. Except maybe restoring my sanity….

  2. di

    I LOVE this photos, Suzanne. So much movement in the clouds in the sky as well as the waves below. Just love it.

  3. Jason

    So nice. I hope you’re feeling better than you were a few days ago. Are you?
    Such a rollercoaster!

  4. Tami

    Unbelievable – so beautiful. I can move in with you when?

  5. Renata

    Happy birthday! fabulous photos, looks like fun, my daughter is hooked on photography, she’s 14, i was thinking of buying her a nikon for xmas, any advice?


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