Appraising the Waves

I'm not doing well.

I hate to be a downer, but since I was rushed to the ER yesterday I've really been struggling. 

I've got high pain from the surgery, my whole body itches unmercifully, my face is red and swollen from the allergic reaction … ugh!  My eyes are swollen nearly shut.  I look like a monster leftover from Halloween.  If you've ever experienced a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction, you understand how horrible it makes you feel.

And why?

Because someone really blew it and ignored my medical chart and the hospital warning bracelet I wore during my surgery.  This process wouldn't have been fun anyway, but now it's just off the charts miserable.  I guess I'm lucky.  I'm so highly allergic to the medication they used, I easily could have died.

Lucky me ….

At this point, it's just a matter of waiting it out.  The allergy symptoms will take days, possibly over a week, to subside.  I'm taking all the meds I can and … I'm waiting.  

The surgical pain will ease with time too.  I'm trying to take it minute by minute and just get through it.  Time seems to be moving incredibly slow.

When I'm not asleep, I'm trying to distract myself by going through some of the many photos I took over the last two weeks.

I took this photo of a group of teen boys appraising the waves last weekend.  I love it.  I also relate to it.  I feel like that's exactly what I've been doing the past few days ….  appraising the waves.

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18 Responses to “Appraising the Waves”

  1. Judi

    I’m so sorry you’re having such a rough time! I am just catching up after being away/offline for a few days. I was actually in Santa Barbara on your surgery day, so you were very much in my thoughts. I’m sure you’re tired of being told to “hang in there,” but once you make it through these next few days, things will be so much better! If there’s anything I can do, don’t hesitate to ask – I’m right up the road.

  2. Michelle

    Praying for a quick recovery from the reaction. And the surgery.

  3. di

    Soooo, you get this horrible reaction to a med. What did the nurse get? A slap on the hand? sheesh.
    Hope today is better than yesterday for you.

  4. Jenny in MN

    You have been on my mind all week. I’m feel so bad for you! Allergic reaction… Been there, done that after a surgery too. MISERABLE is not an adequate word for what you are going through.
    I know your patience level has got to be at about zero right now. This is one of those times you just want to say why the F is this happening to me?! I’ve had enough! Keep trying to keep your mind busy so you can block out the misery. Again…hang in there – there will be a bright side once you get through this. Scream into a pillow when you need to. 😛
    Please stay safe and keep us posted. Ugh….so frustrated for you! I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Jan

    If it’s any consolation, time is dragging for me, too. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through with the allergic reaction on top of the pain from the surgery; here’s to hoping both of us heal much more quickly than expected.

  6. Tami

    I’m so angry on your behalf. I’d hire a lawyer ASAP. What a fuck up by the hospital to give you that medication. The shot of the boys on the beach is awesome. I love it too.

  7. sandi

    I worry about you mama! Hang in there and call me if you need me. Can I bring you dinner tonight?

  8. Kristen

    I feel so badly for you. Did the med screw up happen while you were under for surgery? I hope that the weekend passes quickly so you can become “bionic” soon and turn down some of the pain.

  9. Abby Smith

    I also feel really badly for you.
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    No words can help ease your pain, but I cannot help but hope that soon you will get a reprieve and that things will get much much better for you!

  10. dogmother

    So sorry for yet another set back! Sheesh. On a more positive note, I LOVE that photo of the boys and the wave…I mean, really, really love it! Absolutely great shot!

  11. Christi

    Wow as if you haven’t been through enough. What happened to “do no harm”?? I know you’ve said you like your doctor but in this day and age there’s no excuse for that type of incompetence. You could have died. I sure hope they rectify the situation in some way. On the bright side, that photo of the boys is absolutely amazing. Great shot!

  12. DuchessOmnium

    Oh, dear, oh dear! I am beginning to think you are accident prone… But it sounds as if — once you get over all the inevitable, as well as the just plain stupid, side effects and complications of Op #8 — you might be soon on the way to have more normal use of your arm, and less pain too.
    Lucky you are young: twenty four year olds have so much resilience!

  13. Beth

    Seriously, who is this duchess woman? Accident prone? As if its YOUR fault the doctor and/or his staff committed gross negligence. As far as I know your only accident was the one where someone ran a stop sign and hit your car four years ago. Is she going to blame you for that too? I think instead of Duchess she should call herself douche. What a stupid, insensitive comment. As if you need to hear shit like THAT. Douche!

  14. Linda M

    You have been and will be in so many of our thoughts… Just hoping you feel better soon and can experience being “turned on” instead of being in pain and miserable!!

  15. Linda M

    You have been and will be in so many of our thoughts… Just hoping you feel better soon and can experience being “turned on” instead of being in pain and miserable!!

  16. Linda Tustin

    wow- my MINOR similar story is oral surgery then they prescibed me a pain med that made me throw up! Sounds vaguely but not nearly as horribly similar. Man- just hang in. sometimes I wonder- are good times coming for you? I SAY YES! ((hugs))))

  17. Cate

    I’m so sorry to hear this. My son went through the same thing last year and now has to wear a medi-alert bracelet. I felt a bit easier knowing this – until hearing your story that it still gets ignored!
    Hoping that the swelling settles quickly and you get through the rest of the healing process with no more drama.

  18. Deidre

    24, I am so sorry – what an awful situation. I really hope that your symptoms start subsiding and the itchiness goes away (Inspector Climate at 2 years older than you, 26, still doesn’t know the difference between scratching and itching – le sigh…)


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