Celebrity Treatment, Part II

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I was recently invited to a complimentary afternoon at Skinsations Spa.  If you missed yesterday's post with details about the first part of my visit, you can click here to get caught up.


After a wonderful, relaxing, start to my spa day I was escorted into another room for my facial with LeAine Dehmer.

As background, I've only had two facials in my entire life.  I didn't like them very much which is why I haven't continued to get them.  (I left the facials with red, blotchy, skin and broke out terribly after I had them.)

I realize now, the people who gave me those facials really weren't very good at what they were doing.

LeAine Dehmer?

She is very, very, good at what she does.  (I guess you'd have to be, to get the celebrity client list she has.)  I have friends who get regular facials and I think it's safe to say no one I know has ever experienced a facial even close to what LeAine treats her clients with.

This is also where I need to confess my skin, after having surgery, gets really terrible for about six weeks.  The effects of anesthesia and all the post-surgery drugs wreak havoc.  (In addition, I'm still on the devil drug, Prednisone, which makes me very puffy.)  My skin, post-surgery, becomes dry and flaky and at the very same time breaks out.  I've experienced this after every one of my eight surgeries.  Lovely, don't you think?

Can you say not so pretty?

I was a little horrified someone of LeAine's caliber, who is accustom to taking care of (what I presume to be) the flawless skin of famous actresses, would be looking at my pimples.  Or as LeAine so tactfully put it, "skin congestion."  

LeAine's famous facials last two to three hours (!) and she pulled out all the stops for me.  My entire visit at the spa was six hours start to finish, but that did include some time discussing the services/products/business itself.

In no particular order, here are just a few of the things included in my facial:

•  Lymphatic drainage massage  (Sounds gross?  Felt great!)

•  Eye and lip peel  (Who knew they even HAD such a thing? LeAine followed this up with an eye and lip masque.  Softest lips EVER!  I think I'll be putting this product on my Christmas wish list!)

•  Hydration  (My post-surgery skin soaked in LeAine's products so rapidly I think even she was surprised!)

•  Neck and Decolletage treatments  (I'm all about maintaining a pretty decolletage!)

•  Glycolic acid peel  (This alone was a miracle worker on my skin.)

•  Aromatherapy  (Yum …!)

•  Deep cleansing  (I SO needed this.)

•  Scalp massage  (I might have napped a little right then.)

•  Masque treatment  (My skin felt like a baby's bottom after the masque.)

•  Hand treatment and massage  (Heaven!)

•  Foot treatment and massage  (Orgasmic!)

•  Neck and shoulder massage (at my request LeAine left my damaged right shoulder alone, but this was wonderful even one-sided!)

•  Enzyme peel  (This felt GREAT!)

•  Hot stone massage  (Sigh!)

•  Mega doses of vitamins and minerals applied to my skin  (I think my skin was rejoicing and possibly even singing!?)

•  Oxygen treatment.  (Oxygen is used to help the skin of burn victims and it has dramatic effects.)  A mask is placed over your face and oxygen is pumped directly onto your skin.  It feels wonderful.  

I know I'm leaving several items off the list.  At some point, I could no longer keep track of it all.  

When the facial was done, my skin looked and felt great – no redness, no blotchiness and I haven't experienced a post-facial breakout.

As you remember from yesterday's post, the afternoon had begun with a foot soak.


I thought I was in heaven then – at the very beginning, but it was followed by the most relaxing, wonderful bath of my life.  


There are no words to adequately describe the facial I received.  What LeAine does is unlike any other facial I've ever heard of.  Truly, she treated me like an A-list celebrity.

Before I left, LeAine was kind enough to give me a starter kit of her skincare product line.

It has only been a couple days, but as of right now – my skin has never felt softer.  My skin really seems to LIKE these products.

Would I go back to LeAine for another facial?

Try to stop me …!

Would I make an appointment with LeAine's staff members at Skinsations Spa?

Yes, I would.

Everyone at the spa seemed well trained, friendly, and eager to fawn all over their guests.  Honestly, I think Skinsations Spa is a hidden jewel and one of the best kept secrets in Orange County.

Before I left, LeAine smiled and said, "Suzanne, I'd like to give you one more gift since you enjoyed it so much."


It's the cinnamon/clove/eucalyptus body wrap.

I came home, heated it up in the microwave for two minutes, wrapped it around my neck, bum arm, and shoulder and pretended I was back at Skinsations Spa.


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14 Responses to “Celebrity Treatment, Part II”

  1. Deidre

    I always break out after facials too. And I tend to get sick – like the release of toxins makes me feel ultra yucky or something I don’t know, I made that up! But I do get sick.
    This sounds like an absolutely superb way to spend 6 hours!

  2. Jan

    You know, it never occurred to me that the surgery was why my skin got so dry *and* broke out, to boot. Since the change in my diet, my skin has been so soft and smooth and I was really upset by that. It’s starting to clear up, so all is good again – I just wish I’d had a nice 6-hour spa treatment to help it along! LOL

  3. Michelle

    So jealous. Do you think she would consider moving to Australia?

  4. jenn in tenn

    Ohhh how wonderful! I am so jealous! I have never had a facial or any type of spa experience. I tried a micro-dermabrasion once..and of course, didn’t love it. Congrats! Keep us posted on how her products continue to work for you.

  5. Pam

    I love the way you write about LeAine. You are so sweet and I’m sure she felt that way too. How many of her clients write something like you’ve just written about her work??? I loved reading the posts of your experience! Ahhhh….

  6. neeroc

    Wow. These posts are tempting me to fly out there from Ottawa just to visit this spa. But I have the feeling hubby wouldn’t understand that expense. Men!

  7. linda

    Sounds amazing! So glad you’ve found products that treat your skin the way they should! Jealous!

  8. Tami

    Wow. Jealous. I’m also hoping they give you a lifetime of free spa visits for writing such a glowing review of Leaine. She must be ecstatic!

  9. missy

    I agree with Aimee, although I wasn’t sure when it was located. Not too far! Facials are now so treatment oriented that they really do more than just make you relaxed – they get results! You are a lucky girl to have gotten all that treatment. You deserve it.

  10. Anne Gibert

    Wonderful that you had that and enjoyed it so much, and wonderful that you can go back again when you feel you need some pampering.

  11. goodfather

    You are on my A-list. Just sayin’. However, in case all the snark has left the blogosphere, let me say that I’m truly happy for you. As a (sort of) guy, I don’t really understand terms like ‘enzyme peel,’ ‘hot stone massage,’ or ‘clean t-shirt,’ but your experience sounds like the kind of pampering we all would want for you.

  12. Kristi

    i am so happy for you! and thanks for sharing about it, even reading your experience made me feel a bit relaxed….

  13. The Mayor

    Sounds like a magical experience. I’m so impatient it is hard for me to sit still for pampering. Normally it doesn’t even sound appealing but your description makes me think I need to re-evaluate my stand on going to the spa.


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