Celebrity Treatment, Part I

I had the most amazing experience last Friday.

I was recently contacted by a public relations firm here in Orange County.  That, in itself, is not unusual.  This particular email, however, caught my attention.

First of all, the person contacting me had done her research.  (Which, by the way, always makes a huge difference as to whether I instantly hit "delete" or actually take the time to read a pitch.)  She knew I was coming off a big surgery and knew my story.  She represents Skinsations Spa – with locations in both Beverly Hills and Orange County, and wanted to know if I'd be interested in receiving complimentary, post-surgery, pampering for a few hours.  She suggested I come visit for a facial.

Now, it was a tough decision to make, but I was willing to make the sacrifice.  (You know, for you!  I wanted to do research for you, my readers.  * Ahem *)

The first thing I noticed when I arrived is, from the outside, Skinsations Spa looks just like any other strip mall business.

The second thing I noticed, was this charming little sign near the door of the entrance.


Charming ended up being the operative word in my experience at this spa.  

Once inside the door, I was privy to 7,000 square feet of heaven.  Beautiful antiques, fountains, murals, chandeliers, and ambient lighting all contributed to a quaint, enchanting, homey spa experience.


Skinsations Spa doesn't have the sort-of-like-a-gym-but-I'm-a-spa atmosphere.

I was flattered, and honored, to hear owner LeAine Dehmer (facialist to many celebrities), had scheduled time to take care of me herself.  To give you perspective, if I were to call for an appointment with LeAine (rather than with one of her staff members), I would have to wait from three to six months to get an appointment with her.


LeAine Dehmer

In addition to owning Skinsations, LeAine also has developed her own line of skincare products, LeAine Dehmer Clinical Skincare, which is sold worldwide.  (Her products have been included in gift bags at major celebrity events.) 

So what happened once I was inside?

First, I changed into a robe and slippers and put my belongings in a locker.  (Except for my camera, of course – my camera went everywhere with me.)

Next, I went to the Tea Room where I was provided with a foot soak, which I loved – it was so relaxing.  


A hot, aromatic, body wrap was draped around my neck and shoulders and I was given a warm aromatherapy towel which I put right over my face.  I was instantly transported away from reality.

Let me go back for just a minute …

I have to tell you more about the hot shoulder/neck wrap.  It smelled of cinnamon, cloves, and eucalyptus.  The moist heat dissolved pain for me instantly.  It was an amazing treat for anyone with an injury or neck/shoulder tension.

Next, I was informed my "tub" was ready.


I thought I was getting a facial.

Apparently, LeAine had decided she would spoil me rotten as long as I was there.

I entered a beautiful, private, Water Cure Room with a large tub, shower and massage table.  


The room, lit beautifully with multiple candles, was decorated in a Roman Neo-classical style.  I sunk into a tub of I-don't-know-what-but-it-smelled-amazing and then I refused to come out.

No, I really mean it - I refused to come out.

I think I was supposed to stay there for about ten or fifteen minutes.

I couldn't bring myself to get out.

I sipped on herbal tea, felt the heat eeking every ounce of stress out of my body, and decided I would stay there forever.

Mind you, I'm not a bath-type person but this was the most tranquil experience imaginable.  Soft music was playing, the candles were dancing in the dark, my skin was feeling softer than it ever has.


I'm embarrassed to say – after quite some time, LeAine knocked gently on the door to ask if I was all right.  There was concern I might have drowned, apparently, since I had been in there for hours a long time.

A bit sheepishly, I toweled off and put my robe and slippers back on.  I had stayed in the tub so long, I resembled a prune.

Next, I went to the Nap Room for a few minutes to allow my body temperature to come down.  A staff member appeared almost instantly to inquire as to whether I'd like a blanket.  A minute later LeAine (now knowing how much pain relief the heated neck/shoulder wrap had given me), showed up to drape me in one again.

I've never been to a spa and received so much individual attention.  The staff at Skinsations is all about pampering.

At this point, I could have gone home and been happy.  I was completely relaxed and felt like I'd been transported to another world.  

The treatment I had come for, however, was just about to get started …..

It was incredible!

I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

© Twenty Four At Heart

17 Responses to “Celebrity Treatment, Part I”

  1. Deidre

    Sounds like just what you needed after such a stressful few weeks!
    Can’t wait to hear about the facial….although I have to say, I always think I want a facial and then always break out. Last time I went to a spa, I got super sick – it was really unfortunate.

  2. di

    I’ve never had the tub treatment but have had a full body massage and it was sooo nice I could barely wake up and get off the table afterwards. I’ve been a good girl this year and thinking that perhaps I should book another one.

  3. Tami

    OK, that’s it I have to go. Sounds like pure bliss and if anyone deserves it, it’s you!

  4. Geekbabe

    oh my God, I love you seriously but I have to admit to being totally green with envy here! Your description of your tub room time sounds like heaven and the Nap room? you went to a place that has a nap room? that’s it, I ‘m hooked 🙂

  5. goodfather

    Nice, nice, nice! You are such a deserving spa-ee. Spa-er? And they contacted you!
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment!

  6. Jan

    I’m just gonna go over to this here corner and whimper and moan in pathetic envy.
    I won’t sob. I promise. No, really.

  7. Kate

    I feel totally relaxed just reading about it! Sounds blissful!

  8. LPC

    Me too. Just reading has made my shoulders relax. If I lived down there I’d be on the phone making an appointment.

  9. Alexis (Minnesota)

    Where’s the :: ENVY :: button on here? Sigh.


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