Eye on the PRIZE!

Thanksgiving priorities were clear at my house …


I had more cooking mishaps this year than I've ever had preparing Thanksgiving dinner, but for some reason they were just downright funny to me.  I'll tell you about all my "disasters" next week.  

I bet you'll laugh too!  

(In spite of it all, I think it ended up being the best Thanksgiving dinner I've ever made.)

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14 Responses to “Eye on the PRIZE!”

  1. Jan

    You could put a small, chubby dachshund/beagle mix in that picture and it would be my house.
    Yeah, I had a mishap too – with the turkey. I will never rely on the Butterball website for roasting times for a pastured, heritage bird again.

  2. Pseudo

    Dude, you gotta go check out the photo on my blog – we are serendipity sistahs.
    Happy Thanksgiving 24!

  3. dogmother

    Where’s the picture of the dog in the corner tearing apart the turkey carcass? That’s how the picture would look in my crazy house. In the middle of the night last night, my five pound cat,the ultimate predator, managed to open the kitchen cabinet, rummage through the trash and pull out a huge drumstick. She must have spent all night munching. The dogs were in their crates and she had no competition. I wish I had a hidden camera. I found the clean bone on the kitchen floor this morning. 🙂

  4. di

    Handsome has been getting his fair share of Turkey surprises too… leftover giblets… MAN, does he love liver!

  5. Alexis (Minnesota)

    OMG that reminds me of a Thanksgiving story a friend once told me about her Golden Retriever. Left alone in the garage, he was annoyed. Grandma went in and put the 18 pound turkey on top of the washer while it rested to be carved. Mom went in 15 minutes later and the carcass was picked totally clean and the dog’s belly was SO full it couldn’t get up. Apparently no one had told G’ma that the dog was in there. So….no turkey….and dog lived another ten years amazingly enough. Love the picture!


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