High Surf?

I think I'm, finally, turning the corner.

I'm starting to feel a little bit human again – !

Let's hope the worst is over now ….

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4 Responses to “High Surf?”

  1. DuchessOmnium

    I’m glad you are starting to feel better — and I hope this surgery brings better things. It sounds hopeful!
    I don’t get much sense of your life before the accident, other than that you were an active, busy mother (and not in constant pain).
    Do you ever think about the person you might have been now if you hadn’t had the accident? I get the feeling that in some ways it has not been all loss, despite the pain.
    For instance, do you think you would have become a writer and photographer? (Forgive me if you were already both — I only “know” you post accident.

  2. Maggie

    Keep smilin’ darling 🙂 Glad to hear you’re starting to feel better. I hope it continues!


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