Last Tuesday

While I'm trying to recover from the misery known as Car Accident Surgery #8 and Major Allergic Reaction Due to Medical Team's Screw Up, I've been going through photos.  It gives me something to do other than sit around having a pity party.

I realized I haven't yet shared with you the crazy day of my birthday, last Tuesday.  It already seems like ages ago.

I woke up Tuesday morning, bleary-eyed, and wandered downstairs to my kitchen for a cup of coffee.  I was met by a room filled with black balloons.

Briefcase thinks he's funny.

To make up for his "black" humor, he also had a dozen yellow roses waiting for me.


Shortly after, I drove to Burke Williams Spa for a morning of pampering.  I have a monthly membership with them so I can have someone work on my arm/shoulder/surrounding muscles.  This trip was all about pampering though and it was wonderful.  I had an Emilee's Intrigue.  If you ever have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful treatment, I highly recommend it.

My plan was to enjoy my morning at the spa, stop into our local mall to shop for a pair of boots with birthday money sent by my parents, and then do some necessary last minute errands before the next morning's surgery.

Instead, Nike surprised me with a text message saying she and Dee were going to meet me at the mall and help me shop for boots and then take me to lunch.  Fun!

With help from both my friends, I ended up buying some black, suede, boots at Banana Republic.


I thought Nike, Dee and I would grab a quick bite at one of the many restaurants at the mall.  They had other plans ….

I was kidnapped!  Yep, they took me away for the entire afternoon without my permission and we had so much fun!  (What errands?  What responsibilities?)

We started at Las Brisas which is a beautiful Mexican restaurant in Laguna Beach.

Here's the view from inside the restaurant; we, however, ate outside on the patio.

** All photos taken with my little pocket camera – not the greatest photo quality. **

Lunch began with Pomegranate Margaritas.

Honestly, these drinks were one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted.


I was drunk on one … but did I stop drinking after one?  No, I did not.

There were also gifts!

Feeling more than a little tipsy, we decided to go for a walk on the beach.  Except, it was a beautiful, very warm, day.  In our inebriated state, walking didn't seem like quite enough.

"Let's go for a swim!" I called out – clowning around as usual.

You do know not to ever go in the ocean drunk, right?  

Do as I say, not as I do …

Knocked right on my ass by a wayward wave!

By the way, I can't show you photos of Nike and Dee because they took off their clothes and went swimming in their underwear right on Laguna Main Beach.  Isn't that something you'd expect from me?  But no, I was the conservative one who swam with jeans and a t-shirt on.  I really don't recommend swimming in jeans – so uncomfortable!  (I also don't recommend posting photos on the Internet of your friends swimming in their panties and bras!)

Did I mention I had too much tequila?

And that I had so much fun?

I laughed, and laughed, and laughed all afternoon.

What a fun, wonderful, crazy – but beautiful birthday.

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16 Responses to “Last Tuesday”

  1. Michelle

    That is an AWESOME 24th Birthday! Glad you had so much fun.

  2. Alexis from mn

    VERY nice!! Those are the memories that will help pull you through the crap you’re enduring with your surgical recovery….and medication mishap.
    So so glad you had a fun day!!
    Been thinkin ’bout you lots – always….

  3. Kristen

    That is so freaking awesome! What wonderful friends you have!

  4. Joanne

    in my opinion , that was just what the doctor (forgot to) ordered!

  5. Jan

    What great friends you have! I’m so jealous of the pomegranate margaritas and (clothed) swim in the ocean.
    Thinkin’ ’bout you, lady! (((Suzanne)))

  6. sandi

    I LOVE the pictures. But I HATE wet salty jeans! I am so glad you had fun on your birthday. I still feel badly I dogged you at the last minute. I always think I am capable of doing more than I really am.

  7. Pam

    What a perfect way to spend your birthday!! I hope you’re feeling better each day. Take care.

  8. Tami

    You just described the perfect day. How awesome of Nike and Dee. What a great memory to hold onto as you’re going through this post-surgery crap too. Still can’t get over your doctor giving you medication you’re allergice too. I can’t stop thinking DO NO HARM!

  9. laura

    I am so glad with all you have to go through that you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Lord only knows you deserve it! Many hugs and a belated Happy Birthdyay.

  10. jennster

    I love the pics! And you in the ocean is tge best… u look so happy and lije u are loving every minute!

  11. Kelly

    It sounds like a perfect day! Friends, the beach …. margaritas. Pure awesome!

  12. Tara Bradford

    Looks like your birthday was a fabulous time for you and your friends! So sorry you’ve had to endure all the medical woes since – hope you’re feeling better now.

  13. Michelle Pixie

    That looks like an absolutely perfect way to spend your birthday to me! Happy Birthday!
    Mine is next week and I am pretty sure the most exciting thing I will do is chage a diaper. 😉 I guess I should just be thankful it won’t be my diaper! Hee Hee


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