Random OC Shots

My new camera is due to arrive today.  I can't wait.  It has been a very tough week and a half since my surgery. 

Really, really, tough …

(Tougher than I've really wanted to go into here because I'm afraid if I do, I'll scare you all away and never hear from you again.)

But – !!

There's nothing like having the UPS man show up with a package, especially a package which is photography related, to cheer me up.  I know I will be playing with my new toy a lot this weekend.

I'm so looking forward to it.

In the meantime, I've been going through zillions (!) of photos on my hard drive.

I've found some great photos and I've found a lot of photography disasters.

Do you ever look at a photo you've taken (or the way you edited it), and thought egads, what was I thinking?

Um, me neither.

I decided to share ten random photo glimpses of Orange County life today.

These are definitely not my best photos.  In fact, most of these were last minute snapshots.

To me, there's a huge difference between a snapshot and a photograph.

Regardless, both reflect a little about the life I'm surrounded by ….

(I've put a few of these up on Twitpic for those of you who follow me there, but several have NOT appeared on Twitpic.)

My backyard after a rain.

Tsunami warning sign by one of our local beaches.

Photo 10
Me – one week post surgery #8.  I know, I'm not looking (or feeling) so great.  The incision on my abdomen is about the same size and hurts WAY more than the ones on my shoulder and back.

Bird of Paradise – one of my favorite flowers.  They're blooming all over The OC right now.

Notice the separate BMW and Mercedes pumps for gas – so OC.

Random bride on the beach (a common sight here).

The balcony at the Surf and Sand Resort.

Put a plastic Barbie in the seat next to him and The OC Look will be complete.

How many streets do we have with the word Ocean in them?

And last ….

One of the prettiest, orange-y-ish, sunsets I've seen in quite awhile.

© Twenty Four At Heart 

11 Responses to “Random OC Shots”

  1. Maggie

    That incision on your shoulder made MY shoulder hurt. Phantom pain from thousands of miles away. Go figure.
    Great pics! I love that bird of paradise, they’re so pretty!

  2. Rob

    Snapshots vs Photos.
    Some of my worst snapshots look like photographs. Via a Kodak Instamatic. I still have the camera body even though the film has long gone away.

  3. Michelle

    I wouldn’t run, but you probably don’t want to put into words what you are going through.
    I love these shots (maybe not love the third one, just the person in it).
    Hope your parcel arrives soon and you can have fun playing with it. I’m also waiting for a parcel (posted in US, in transit to Aust) and can’t wait to have fun with the contents (Copic Markers for drawing/blending/cardmaking/scrapbooking etc).

  4. di

    Very curious as to your new camera’s movie mode since I take all my movie clips for my videos with my 6 year old Canon SD450 pocket camera. Have been hugely in love with it from day one, but think it’s time to replace it very soon.
    Ouch…. I can see the pain in your face, Suzanne. I think you need to get away from the computer and just go sit on your patio and watch those gorgeous clouds float by. Breathe in, breathe out.

  5. unmitigated me

    ALL the gas pumps used to look like that! We sell little replicas of them in the museum, although I think we only have American carmaker’s…Ford (of course), Dodge, Chevrolet, and some older ones, like Packard and Studebaker. Car companies learned advertising gimmicks mighty early.

  6. Michelle Pixie

    I thought that first shot was breathtaking and I really loved the gas station one but you know what they were really all pretty fantastic {except for the shoulder one…OUCH!}. You have given me inspiration today! 🙂

  7. Pam

    Beautiful pictures! I hope you’re feeling better. Enjoy that new camera!

  8. Tami

    My snapshots don’t look nearly as good as your snapshots. Many of which are works of art IMO. This was kind of fun seeing such an assortment of photos. Hope you feel better over the weekend.

  9. mel

    love the pics. I love Birds of Paradise. I used to have a client in Arizona who sent me them every year.

  10. Anne Gibert

    Those are not only good photographs, they are about something and they made me think about things.
    The tsunami one made me think about a sign we have here that points directly toward the water as the tsunami evacuation route.
    The other thought I had was that once I painted a watercolor of my mother’s birds of paradise in La Jolla. She didn’t like it. She said, “You’ve made them look predatory.”


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