Rushed to the ER

Before dawn this morning (Thursday), I was rushed to the hospital emergency room with a severe allergic reaction to some of the medication used on me yesterday, during surgery.

It's been a scary, nerve-wracking, awful day.

I now sit with an epi-pen by my side.

The hospital wanted to admit me because they can't seem to make the reaction go away, although it is slightly (?) better than when I went in.  In time, the doc agreed to let me go home but he was reluctant to put it mildly.

This isn't fun, and it IS scary.

I'll hopefully be back by Monday with regular posts.

In the meantime, expect to see short, little, updates like this.

Although, the doctors are "trying to get to the bottom of what happened," they suspect a nurse used a medication that was clearly marked on my chart as one I'm highly allergic too.  In addition, it was marked on my hospital bracelet in bold letters.

I'm in bad shape and miserable.

Hope to be back to regular posts soon …..

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28 Responses to “Rushed to the ER”

  1. Sandra

    Yikes!!! I hope this all goes away fast for you. I remember your last medication allergic reaction. Not good.
    I’m thinking about you over here and sending virtual hugs your way.

  2. Jan

    Oh, no – thinking of you, Suzanne, and hoping that you recover from this SOON.

  3. Kelly

    OMG that’s awful! You could sue their asses off. How dangerous. Can you tell I work in medical, i’m so outraged? hope you feel better soon. This is the last thing you need. poor thing!

  4. missy

    I am really surprised by this turn of events. I know you will feel better but this is scary stuff. What a conflict – you need to rest and we need to know how you are doing which prevents the rest…

  5. Becky

    Holy crap. Glad you’re OK … hope things get figured out with the medication.

  6. Tami

    Wow – medical malpractice if I’ve ever seen it. I hope you get better quickly. That’s horrible. You should sue them for incompetence. Sending big hugs and hope you feel better soon.

  7. Lu@masmom

    I am SO sorry. Ugh. I am glad you weren’t killed. My gawd, so horrible. I hope you are on the mend soon from this and surgery. I am so anxious for you to be healed so I can talk your ear off about it. Heehee. No of course I just want you to get better. Talk about malpractice, OY! xoxo

  8. Ginger

    “Clearly marked on your bracelet”? Seriously? WTH?? Maybe next time you had better write it on your body with a hug red marker. I am outraged for you – you don’t deserve this!

  9. Grace

    Oh no! Sorry to hear that there was a mess-up…but just think that your arm is going to be better once it’s all said and done. 🙂

  10. Cathy B.

    Holy cow, Suzanne, that’s absolutely awful. Sure hope the effects dissipate ASAP so you can feel better and recover from everything else!

  11. LPC

    Get well soon. I’m allergic to sulfa drugs. If I got them via IV I’d be in huge trouble.

  12. Kristen

    Holy crap. I cannot believe in this day and age that shit like this still happens. Although, having a mother who is an RN and who manages an ER, I have heard WAY too many of these types of stories. I am so sorry. Can you say, litigation?

  13. Juli

    Oh, you poor thing. Sorry this happened. Hope you are feeling more comfortable very soon.

  14. Deidre

    aw 24, this is so unfortunate. I am so sorry. hope you feel better soon. Maybe some gentle cuddles with one of your puppies will help?


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