Sometimes The Universe Listens

Yesterday, I poured my heart out in this post.

One of the things I wrote about, was the lack of flowers in my yard post-car accident.  I miss gardening and I miss the joy of having flowers bloom.  Because of the warm climate here, it's possible to have flowers (of one sort or another), blooming pretty much year round.

Ironically, yesterday was Annual Tree Trimming Day at my house.  Every fall we have a company come out and trim all of our trees.  Tree trimming is a necessity in my little canyon.  Fall marks the beginning of the Santa Ana wind season.  Winds up to, or surpassing, 70 mph aren't unusual at my house.  Santa Ana winds often take down even the sturdiest of trees.  Trimming, and thinning out, trees allows the wind to go through them and make them less likely to uproot in fierce winds.  (Uprooted trees lead to costly damage.)

Blah, blah, blah!

I'm sure you wanted to know all about tree trimming in the canyons of Southern California, didn't you?

So yesterday, the tree trimmers came. 

Midday, the owner of the company stopped by to check on his crew of workers.  We chatted for awhile and then he left.

A minute later the doorbell rang.

When I answered the door, the owner stood there looking at me.

"I forgot something," he said.

He paused; I waited.

"I noticed when I was in the neighborhood the other day you have some empty pots.  I brought some extra flowers out today thinking you might want us to fill a couple of your planters and pots with them."

:: Blink :: 

:: Blink ::

This man does not read Twenty Four At Heart.  

He doesn't know Twenty Four At Heart even exists.

He showed up on my doorstep with flowers because he noticed some empty pots and thought I might want them.

Embarrassed, he nodded towards the pathway to my house where flats of beautiful, flowers were laid out.


I smiled at him.

And then?

I surprised the hell out of him by giving him a huge hug.

© Twenty Four At Heart

23 Responses to “Sometimes The Universe Listens”

  1. Michelle

    That is beautiful.
    Enjoy the blessing. I am, and I can’t see them!

  2. Grace

    Awww…that was so super-thoughtful of him. Now you can just sit back and enjoy those beautiful flowers!

  3. Pseudo

    I have some photos up today from a botanical garden close to my house. Now I think I must have been knowing you needed some flowers…

  4. jenn in tenn

    That’s called karma….the good kind. 😉 enjoy your beautiful new flowers!

  5. Liz Tee

    OMG, how beautiful! The Universe and I have had quite a conversation recently — I lost my husband a few months back. I rail at the Universe, the Universe sends me a beautiful sunset or a pair of eagles soaring overhead, then my husband’s wedding band disappears… it’s a complicated relationship, isn’t it?
    I am so happy this happened to you!

  6. LPC

    Oh wonderful. When you tweeted this, I assumed it was one of your fans. It was the universe. I suppose the universe must be one of your fans too. This Thanksgiving, I believe I will say thanks for the universe:).

  7. di

    Life just has a way of giving us what we need sometimes. I think this is the most wonderful post you have ever written. Enjoy your much deserved flowers my dear. 🙂

  8. Joy

    The world does work in mysterious ways, does it not?
    Enjoy your flowers… 🙂

  9. Alexis

    Karma baby – you get back what you send out there! Glad for THAT particular type of healing for you just when you needed it!! I’m doin a little happy dance for ya!

  10. Sandra

    No way!?!?!? That’s amazing. I am a bit disappointed you didn’t start crying right then with happy tears. Because that really would have freaked him out!

  11. goodfather

    Wow. Like LPC, I had assumed it was a reader. More wow. The tear that has made its way down my cheek and splashed into my coffee made it all salty. Now I need a new cup of coffee.

  12. alison

    wow, what a fabulous thing he did – i guess he was acting on his instinct, without thinking ahead too much which is what i wish i would do more.


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