Things I Like

Like many people, I start paying more attention to store merchandise this time of year.

There are lists to be made, holiday gifts to be purchased, and all the general madness the holidays bring on.

As I think of things I like, I'll occasionally mention them here. 

Maybe one or two will be good ideas for someone you're shopping for too – or better yet, for yourself.

(And no, this post isn't sponsored by anyone ….)

•  GBalance Pants by The Gap  


They come in capri and regular length and they're what I'm living in between now and January.  I just picked up a couple extra pair yesterday.  The band around the tummy folds down for a comfortable, but snug fit.  Post-abdominal surgery, I love having the extra support across my stomach and the pants themselves couldn't be more comfortable.  (I also like their Go To Great Lengths style – they're made so you can cut them into shorts, capris, or keep them long!)

•  Mini-Fragrances from Sephora

Sephora carries travel sizes of many different fragrances.  I've been ordering them for years to keep in my travel kit.  (Um, not BULGARI – but hey, it's a pretty bottle, isn't it?) They make great stocking stuffers and/or they're nice gifts all on their own if you have someone in your life who owns a purse or travels.  And yes, some men's fragrances are available also.

•  Pottery Barn Essential Throws 

Nike gave me one of these for my birthday.  It has come in very handy post-surgery.  It might even be my personal security blanket at this point.  Love!   


•  Brighton Charms

Building your own necklace or bracelet with Brighton charms is all the rage in The OC right now.  I haven't seen a camera/photography charm yet, so I've managed to resist this current trend.  If I see a cute camera charm, I might cave ….


•  Yankee Candles

I've used these candles for years, and my favorite scent is Home Sweet Home.  I also love Christmas Cookie and a host of other flavors.  Attending a holiday party this year?  They make a great, and affordable, house warming gift.  

•  Unite Shampoo and Conditioner


I won't lie – it's not cheap at around $18 a bottle.  I have a hairdresser friend who gave me a bottle of the Unite Volumizing Shampoo and a bottle of the Volumizing Conditioner for my birthday.  I have blonde, fine, hair.  I can't believe how much I love this shampoo.  Unite, of course, makes different types of shampoo for different types of hair.

•  The Photographer Necklace


I have this necklace, and love it.  When I went to link to it for you, I realized it's currently sold out.  You might want to keep checking back for availability.  Charming!

•  Paul Scerri Lymphofluide herbal oil

The spa I go to each month uses this during one of their most luxurious, signature, treatments.  (The treatment I splurged on for my birthday.)  It's an herbal massage oil and the company is based in Switzerland.  

I love it!

The spa only uses one to two small drops of the oil and the fragrance is pure heaven.  It smells healthy, healing, and invigorating.  In large doses it would be overpowering and way too heavy.  Add a drop or two to an unscented lotion or mixed with unscented massage oil and I think you'll love it.  (Yes, I did have to bribe someone to tell me what this spa "secret" product is – I've tried to find out for years.)  It's expensive at $55.00 per bottle, but at one drop per use I think a bottle will last forever.  I don't really know how to describe the scent but maybe eucalyptus with a touch of citrus?  Yummy!


•  Chloe Handbag

For those of you with money to burn, this Chloe handbag (at $1,460 before tax and shipping) is perhaps the most beautiful, red, handbag I've ever seen.  The quality is to die for if you're a handbag junkie like I am.  I'm never going to have the privelege of owning it, so maybe one of you should?

•  Twenty Four At Heart 2011 Calendar


Shameless self promotion!

In all honesty, everyone I gave a 24 calendar to last year begged for another this year.  The 2011 Calendar is also much better than 2010's.  So yes, if you're related to me you're probably going to get another calendar as a gift this year.  If you're not related to me, you can order one (only 20 bucks – such a deal compared to the Chloe handbag!) by clicking on the PayPal button on my sidebar.

Now it's your turn.

Do you have any great gift suggestions?

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8 Responses to “Things I Like”

  1. Deidre

    Ugh, I don’t have any ideas…People keep asking me what I want for christmas and I have literally no idea. It’s not good!
    Not only that I have no ideas for anyone else either!

  2. WebSavvyMom

    –>I spend so much time thinking about what I’m getting other people for Christmas that I never think about what I want/need.
    I can say my favorite brand of flip flops is Reef.
    I live in a beach town and I am known to wear flip flops year-round even when it’s cold outside. (As long as my toes are painted!)

  3. di

    Great suggestions, Suzanne. I have no idea what to buy anyone this year. May be a good year for gift certificates although I’m not sure that the small people (grandchildren) in our life would agree. I really dislike the toy aisles at the stores…

  4. Denise

    They had one necklace and I bought it!!! Thanks for the suggestions:-)
    DG (Di’s sissy)

  5. Kelly

    I love the gap workout clothes too. They’re the best. Add the Chloe purse to complete your look, maybe? Chloe and The Gap go OC!

  6. Tami

    Ha ha!
    Such a deal compared to the chloe handbag! I agree and I’ve been meaning to order one … so here I go!

  7. DuchessOmnium

    I liked the handbag a lot until you revealed the price… Meanwhile I might check out the Gap on your recommendation. I used to shop there often, but haven’t been in for several years. My daughters never suggest the Gap either, so I guess it isn’t cool.

  8. stacy

    well, is giving away free eyeglasses on Thursday. 10,000 pairs and all you need is your prescription and to pay te shipping, around 10 or 15 dollars. I know that is not a gift but it is a good freebie for anyone in need of glasses.


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