Tide Pooling

I never grow tired of tide pools. 

I love watching sea life.

Maybe if I win the lottery one day, I'll buy the big white house in this photo. 

Wouldn't it be fun to have morning coffee while perusing the tide pools every day?

© Twenty Four At Heart

5 Responses to “Tide Pooling”

  1. karen

    Can you imagine? What a beautiful spot. Just really heaven on earth. And if my dogs could tag along? Even better.
    If you ever move in to that white house, can you take me under your wing as a long lost pal and let me take a stroll?
    Hope you’re feeling better ever day –

  2. di

    I would enjoy brunch on the veranda of that house. I’ll bet the ocean breezes smell very sweet from there.

  3. Kristan

    Andy likes to peruse the tide pools too. We did it in Cozumel during our cruise, and I think the locals thought he was nutso. (They were all getting ready to go out in their little fishing dinghys.)

  4. Anne Gibert

    I love looking into tide pools at all the interesting critters and sea plants that live there. Lovely photo.


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