Whoa! I’m 24 AGAIN!


Happy 24th birthday to me once again!

I'm, hopefully, at a spa getting wrapped up in eucalyptus leaves and rubbed with warm oil while you're reading this.  (Or am I doing laundry?  Take your pick!)

I had all these wonderful ideas for a post today, but then I kept dismissing them as not being appropriate for my 24th birthday.

I mean, what if my parents stop in to wish me a happy birthday and I've chosen to do a post about the sex toys random strangers mail me?  And what if I even listed the names I've chosen to give each particular toy ….  

Do you think they'd understand?

Yes, people HAVE sent me sex toys and no, I'm not quite sure why.  I'm not quite sure why I name them either, except there are now so many of them – how else would I keep track of them?

Perhaps readers send me sex toys because I mention them from time to time in my posts so they think I need MORE sex toys.

(Because five dildos is never enough!)

Someone even gave me a vibrating ring.  Yeah, like a ring you wear on your finger.  It's bright orange.  I have a few questions about that particular toy, but let's not get into them right now.

If I die in surgery tomorrow someone is going to find an entire cabinet of sex toys and I don't want to be remembered for them.

I haven't even tried most of them yet!

Now, LOOK what's happened!

This has turned into a post about not writing a post about sex toys.

How did that happen?

I might as well have just written about the damn sex toys in the first place.

In addition, apparently I was politically incorrect yesterday.

(Don't act so surprised.)

There's been drama and scandal in the blogosphere recently.  

Shocking, I know!

A popular, married, male blogger has been surreptitiously sending female bloggers his penis.

* Ahem *

I mean, photos of his penis – via email/text.

Sexual harassment of any sort is not something to laugh about, and yet – way too many funny one liners keep popping into my head.  

I don't think what this blogger did (purportedly to multiple women) is at all funny.  In fact, I think the man involved is in strong need of some serious psychiatric care if the allegations are as they've been presented.

I'm qualifying my statements because I wasn't there and I, personally, haven't received this particular man's penis wrapped up in a bow (or email) in my inbox.

And yet, I still have funny (to me) one liners cursing through my brain.  I can't make them stop, but I have managed to keep myself from saying them out loud.  

So far.

In the midst of all this blogging drama, and the concentrated effort on my part to bite my tongue and not let loose with the one-liners I SO want to let loose with …

I, unthinkingly, and with ill timing – posted a photo on twitter yesterday.  (Yes, right in the middle of all the penis drama.  My timing really was unintentional.)  

The tweet and photo:

I originally took this to be artistic, but instead it just looks phallic. #PhotographyFail 


I wasn't trying to make light of The Penis Controversy.  I think all the penis talk just colored my view of the photos I was editing at the time.

Or maybe the photo really does look like one gigantic penis?

What do you think?

(Whoa!  I just wrote a birthday post which had nothing to do with birthdays and at the same time I managed to mention sex toys and penises several times.  I.Am.Amazing!) 

© Twenty Four At Heart

27 Responses to “Whoa! I’m 24 AGAIN!”

  1. Jack

    I thought that a penis in the box was a gift,er is a gift. Damn, been out of college for so many years I can’t remember dick.

  2. dogmother

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It looks like a penis but what about the holes on the side of it?

  3. Yvonne

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day or night with your “friends”! 🙂

  4. Ginger

    Ha ha you are too funny. I think your photo is quite “majestic!” I also am dying to find out where all this Penis Controversy is taking place. I also think it is right common to name your sex toys. (Blush) I also want to tell you Happy Birthday!

  5. linda

    You.Are.Amazing! Happy Birthday my friend. And (not that you need it) good luck tomorrow. I’ll be thinking about you.

  6. WebSavvyMom

    –>Happy 24th birthday! I hope you have a great day “at the spa” and don’t forget to vote! 😉

  7. Chris

    Happy Birthday 24. I hope your surgery is a success tomorrow!

  8. Lori

    Happy Birthday 24! I pray all goes well tomorrow..sending you warm hugs and positive thoughts your way! (((((24))))))

  9. Kelly

    ha ha! You ARE amazing! Happy birthday 24! Big hugs for tomorrow!

  10. jenn in tenn

    Happy 24th Birthday Girlfriend!! Have a wonderful and RESTFUL day today! And good luck tomorrow!!

  11. MontanaMom

    Happy, Happy Birthday! Will be thinking about you tomorrow, sending well wishes!

  12. Gina

    You really crack me up!!!
    & yes it does look like a giant penis.
    I actually find this situation HYSTERICAL. Come on…. a picture of a penis is funny, if it offends you, delete it!! hahha 🙂
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You’re younger than me! <3 Gina

  13. di

    Total phallic symbol photo. A bit crusty looking around the base though.

  14. Pam

    Happy Birthday 24! Good luck on your surgery tomorrow!! And yes, that’s one big penis….

  15. missy

    Happy Birthday and sending positive thoughts your way for a terrific outcome tomorrow. And yes it totally looks like a penis!

  16. Chantel

    Happy Birthday 24! I hope you are relaxing at the spa today. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and praying for a successful surgery.
    Uh? The picture? Penis all the way! Ha!

  17. Dana

    Happy Birthday!!! Hoping you have a successful surgery tomorrow. 🙂

  18. Kristen

    Happy, Happy Birthday! I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning!

  19. steph

    happy birthday, 24! i’ll be thinking about you tomorrow.


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