Jewelry Tote Giveaway!


All these holiday giveaways are a lot of work.  They make me feel sort of like Santa though – which is SO fun!

By the way, I have an exciting, unexpected, announcement to make tomorrow!

Today, for my third giveaway, I have another Stella & Dot product.  Once again, this giveaway is sponsored by my reader, Missy.  (Thank you Missy – you are awesome!)


This jewelry roll is the perfect, compact, way to transport your jewelry when you travel.  It also makes for an awesome gift.  It's not only stylish and practical, but it's really a quality-made product too.

I wish I'd had this when I went to New York and Boston last summer.  I had to wear so many different outfits for so many different functions.  I transported all the matching (costume) jewelry in a big ziploc bag.  I'm klassee like that!  Necklaces got tangled with earrings and bracelets.  It was a nightmare.  

This next photo isn't the greatest (sorry, I was rushing yesterday when I took it!), but it gives you an idea of what the tote looks like when you unroll it.

The interior is soft suede.

The jewelry roll  has an inner, removable, pouch for special treasures.


There's an attached polish cloth (shown flipped up in the above photo), a ring bar, and two zippered pouches to keep your jewelry safe and scratch free. 

(For those of you who might have an interest, Stella & Dot sells jewelry totes in additional sizes and one other color option also.)

** Also – Missy has just informed me, of the following –  She will do a random drawing for 24 readers who place orders with her for any Stella & Dot products between now and December 15th.  The winner will get a free Bloom Flower Ring (color dependent on availability) which normally retails for $44.00.  You can click on the links in this post to get to her site.  **


The jewelry roll featured in today's giveaway retails for $44.00 before tax and shipping.

I have ONE to give away today.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment.  You may leave as many comments as you'd like.  I will close comments at 8 p.m., Pacific time, tonight.  The winner will be picked using Random Integer Generator software and announced tomorrow.

Good luck!

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71 Responses to “Jewelry Tote Giveaway!”

  1. bunnyb

    Wow! It’s gorgeous! If it’s that gorgeous in your rushed photos, I can’t imagine how stunning it will be in real life! 🙂

  2. Yvonne A.

    I can relate to the ziplog bags! It’s a beautiful jewelry tote.

  3. Jan

    I’d love to win it – it would give me an excuse to actually BUY some jewelry.

  4. Maura

    OMG do I need that jewelry tote! I do the same thing…put all my jewelry in a zip lock baggy and then spend 45 minutes trying to untangle it all. no fun

  5. Kay

    I don’t travel much but when I do this would be awesome. I’m classy like you when I do and pretty much put EVERYTHING into ziplocks! Would love to win this!

  6. goodfather

    Oh, and I’m going to link to this post from my blog to help others find your contest, ’cause I really do think this is a very nice item. For people with jewelry. 😀

  7. Dawn

    Here in Georgia, we would call your Ziploc bag a Redneck Jewelry Roll. (Much like your plastic shopping bags are Redneck luggage, and you never throw away Cool Whip, butter, or margarine tubs as those are Redneck Tupperware!)

  8. goodfather

    OK, I linked to this post from my blog. And felt it necessary to leave yet another comment. Oh yeah, that’s how I roll.

  9. Beautiful Wife

    Oh Goodfather send me, he told me to check this out!

  10. Mom in MN

    I also use Ziplock bags!
    Love the color on this tote!

  11. annie

    Oh, that ring is pretty. It would look coool as earrings too! (if there were 2 of them). I have been following you for quite a while, just don’t comment much. I love your candid conversations and comments about the OC. 🙂

  12. Linda M

    This would be so much better than the little bag I currently use! Cute, too!!

  13. Linda M

    This would be so much better than the little bag I currently use! Cute, too!!

  14. BT

    They say third time is a charm. I would really like this giveaway!

  15. avasmommy

    That is so much nicer than the one I have now. I would love to have that. And what a pretty color!

  16. Donna Long

    Pretty darn cool and would be so nice to have. I’m a gonna win… betcha!!!!


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