Money Town Party

I like to make fun of Money Town and many of the people who live there, but as I've said before, there are also nice people in Money Town.  Some of them are my friends.  (And they have a sense of humor when I make fun of their neighbors.)

There's one family, in particular, I've been friends with for around 15 years.  About two years ago, they moved to Money Town.  Last Saturday night, after the party on John Wayne's yacht, Briefcase and I went to their house for a combination Christmas and surprise birthday party.  

(We attended double parties because we wanted to see how exhausted we could make ourselves in one day.)

I changed out of my jeans, brown boots, and boat attire.  For the Money Town party I put on a black sweater dress, leggings and black boots.  I blinged it up with some jewelry and I was ready to go.

Our friend's new house is beautiful.  I took some photos so you could get a glimpse of a Money Town party.  I tried to avoid having people in the shots I took since I didn't ask anyone for permission to put them on the Internet.  (It was a big party and difficult to avoid people shots.)  In the photos where people are visible, I've blurred out their faces to make them unrecognizable.  

(By the way, all of the photos in this post were taken with my Canon S95 point and shoot.  It did an amazing job in very low light conditions!)

The weather was beautiful last weekend and the party was both in and outdoors.  

Here is their fountain:


There were bar areas set up in several locations.


The food for the party was catered and yummy.  My favorite was the spicy tortilla soup.


The decorations were a nice mix of holiday items and centerpieces which showcased our host's birthday.


In the backyard, they have a nice patio and a cozy fireplace.


In a covered area of the patio, they also have a big TV so sports fans don't have to miss a moment of big events.


The door you see in the above photo leads from the outdoor patio into the family room which is also beautiful.

I wanted to share one last photo with you.


The above photo is my host, and long time friend.

Minus his face.  

Well, he did have his face, but I erased it.  Although, if I had asked, I'm sure he wouldn't have minded if I showed you his face.  In fact, he probably would have preferred that I did.  He looks a lot better with his face.

Anyway, he spent a lot of time showing me around his wine cellar and I asked him a few hundred wine questions.  (Nike and I are planning a girls trip up to Napa in the spring so I was doing research.)

It was a fun night, but all day partying made for a very long day.

Once I got home, I was asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow.

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13 Responses to “Money Town Party”

  1. Maggie

    Now that’s a kick ass wine cellar! I could be very happy with all that wine!
    Looks like fun 🙂 I love when you show these pics

  2. Michelle

    I think I could really use that backyard and patio area.
    Very nice.

  3. Jan

    I want that wine cellar. And the backyard. And the weather that enables you to have an outdoor party in December.
    Have I mentioned we’re snowed in today? *sigh*

  4. goodfather

    I just restocked my wine cellar yesterday, when I realized it’s a WHINE cellar. Not the same. Beautiful pics! Even through the people are missing their faces.

  5. Nancy P

    Wow that is so beautiful! I can only dream of living like that. Sounds like you had a busy and fun day. 🙂

  6. Jack

    Jay Schroeder used to have so much hair, man.. Sorry, I saw the TV and noticed the football game.

  7. Rob

    And so now you can Sleep? Really? This is good.
    Your treatment is working. RL


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