We're getting rain here.

It doesn't happen that often.

Especially like this … it's expected to last for several days with only mini-breaks along the way.


I love the photo opportunities rain provides.

The beauty of the raindrops on the leaves.

The reflections inside the drops themselves.

There's beauty everywhere.

We just need to take the time to look and see it.

© Twenty Four At Heart

6 Responses to “Raindrops”

  1. Missy

    There are so many pretty things to notice right now in the rain. I was enjoying all the leaves on the ground from the sycamore trees.

  2. di

    Suuwweeet photo!
    Sissy says they are getting tons ‘o rain up in Templeton too. I say buy a cute pair of boots and raincoat and go for a walk.


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