The John Wayne Boat Party

Having grown up in Southern California, I'm rarely star struck by celebrities.  I live in the land of the rich and famous, and quite frankly – most celebrities don't impress me in the least.  In fact, most celebrities un-impress me to the extreme.

Nonetheless, I was thrilled to find out I would be attending a party last Saturday on the yacht John Wayne owned and loved for many years, the Wild Goose.  He loved spending time on his boat so much, many people believe his ghost still haunts it.

I didn't happen to see his ghost while I was there, but I did see other indications of John.  (I don't think he'd mind me calling him John, do you?)

There were portraits of John Wayne, and plaques with information about him, in several locations on board the three deck yacht.

By the way, one of my favorite John Wayne quotes is:  "Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid."

The yacht is beautiful.  It was originally a minesweeper, but John had the entire ship remodeled to his specifications.  It's adorned with beautiful woodwork and intricate carvings – absolutely gorgeous!

* The Parlor *

As I boarded the yacht (around noon), I was greeted with champagne.


There were approximately 120 guests for this particular party.

We were served a buffet lunch; we were supposed to eat our meal in this area:


Nike and I, along with a few others, snuck down a level and enjoyed lunch on John's poker table in the library instead.

It was much more relaxed and intimate there.

At some point, Nike and I went exploring to find John's master suite.  I became obsessed with having my photo taken in/on his bed.


From what I've heard about my good friend, John, I don't think he would have minded me being in his bedroom or on his bed in the least.

I also decided I love portholes.  I don't know why, but I do.  I want one for my very own.  (John's yacht, to go with it, would be nice also.)

The above photo is John Wayne's once-upon-a-time house on Balboa Island in Newport Beach.  He doesn't live there anymore since he's, um, dead.  The house has been overdone redone since he died.  He used to dock the Wild Goose right in front.

It was a beautiful weekend, with spectacular weather.  I had such a great time at the boat party.  I feel so lucky at having been invited to such a fun event!

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19 Responses to “The John Wayne Boat Party”

  1. Jan

    I think he’d have let you call him “Duke”. 😉
    I like portholes too. They’re interesting and photos of them are sort of like a picture in a picture. I like yours!

  2. Erica

    I’m star struck just from pictures of the boat. I think I’d embarrass myself fairly often if I lived in California.

  3. linda

    Amazingly beautiful boat! The wood! Looks like you & Nike were up to your old tricks…sneaking around & snooping! Glad you did:)

  4. DuchessOmnium

    I think John would have been very glad to have had you in his bed… You look great!
    I would like to add, in case there are any Guys out there with your particular, um, preference: I have portholes.
    I’m just saying.

  5. goodfather

    Great cowboys never die, they ride off into the sunset. I’m not even going to Google that to see if it’s original.
    Can I say RAWWWR without coming off creepy? Dang! And you look very beautiful too.

  6. Rob

    Good post, it’s why I keep coming back.
    Didn’t I write that a deep, rich ‘Salmon’ color can be very flattering on a woman who is not necessarily a girly-girl? 😉 (bright pink is tending in right direction).
    If memory serves (and it no longer does), the Wild Goose lay alone and untended awhile after JW died.
    Eventually someone showed an interest, bought and gave her an appropriate re-fit and re-finish.
    I’m pleased you ditched the Mess (i.e. dining room?) for the captain’s quarter’s (i.e. master suite?).
    Any chance you wandered farther below decks?


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