The Train Sequence

The railroad tracks in California go right up the coast.

In some areas, the tracks are closer to the beach than in others.


As I went for a walk the other day, I realized this odd California fact is probably something many of you would find unusual.


And yet, it's something I take for granted and never really think about at all.


Unless a train, unexpectedly, blows its horn as it's going past me.


In that case, I jump right out of my skin.

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8 Responses to “The Train Sequence”

  1. di

    Shoot, I do that when the doorbell rings! HA.
    We can hear a train from our home way off in the distance, and more so this time of the year when the leaves have fallen off the trees.

  2. Judi

    I used to love taking the train from college in LA down to my parents then-home in San Diego, especially in the evenings. Whenever possible, I scheduled my trip to see the sun set over the beach on my way home for the weekend.

  3. Jason

    Now that would be an awesome train ride!
    Do you moon this train as it goes by, too? 🙂

  4. Amy_in_Stl

    Wow, I can’t imagine that being safe. However, all my coastal experience is on the east coast which is subject to tropical storms and hurricanes that make for a very dynamic system. I’m guessing the west coast beaches aren’t like that.


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