Tree Delivery

Our Christmas tree was delivered last night.  

I had a moment of panic, unsure whether it would fit through our front door.

With a little maneuvering, it did ….


Have I mentioned I like big, fat, trees?

(Fatness is more important than height to me, but this year our tree is both fat and tall.)

The men who delivered the tree could not have been nicer.  I was home alone and they were more than happy to spend a few minutes spinning the tree this way and then that way, until it was absolutely perfect.


Oh, how I love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree in the house!

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9 Responses to “Tree Delivery”

  1. Sheppitsgal

    Wow! I’m finally all caught up with your archives and I end with a photo of a man on the floor spinning a tree. Just about right, I think 🙂
    Hope you’re doing ok, 24. I’ve read all your archives in the last couple of months and it feels like you’re one of my friends now (can you say ‘stalker’, lol?). x

  2. Jess

    I love fresh trees. Dad was allergic growing up so we always had the fake guys. I’m more of a long & lean (but full) tree. I’ve always had SUPER vaulted ceilings wherever I’ve lived so it pains me to see a squatty tree in a tall space. 🙂

  3. karen

    I love real trees too. This year was our first FAKE tree…and I can tell you, it’s not the same. I miss the smell, the feel. But perhaps not the gazillion needles everywhere and the daily watering.
    What a beautiful tree you have there. Show it all done up 🙂

  4. di

    Can’t wait to see it all decorated, Suzanne…. not sure I will do one this year. Rowdy would probably have his way with the decorations anyway. LOL

  5. Barb

    Very nice no Christmas tree for me this year I am on my way to celebrate with my girls in Seattle, with a stop off in Tucson for a wedding first.
    Question???? Did you or do you like the CanonS95 digital you bought as a substitute until you can use your bigger Canon???? Just wondering, I know you are excited to use your bigger camera again.

  6. neeroc

    Tree delivery? What a concept. Sadly I have to wait until after next weekend for my tree. My daughter’s bd is the 7th, her party the 12th and my hubby (who is a xmas baby) is really weird about mingling the two.


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