Walking on Clouds

I think most of you know I'm not very girly.  I spend a lot of time in jeans and yoga pants and t-shirts.  I wear flip flops year round.

And sneakers …


Since my surgery it has mainly been yoga pants (my stomach is STILL sore), and these old beat up, holey, sneakers.  (Not to be confused with Holy Sneakers!)  I think I've had them for at least three years.

I had a gift card sitting around the house, so I decided to use it to buy a new pair.

I bought Nike Free Run+ shoes. 

One of my friends informed me Oprah recently named these shoes as one of her "Favorite Things."  I don't watch Oprah, but they're definitely one of my favorite things too.

These shoes are so light!

It feels like there's nothing on my feet.  Or perhaps, as if I'm walking on clouds.

Love, love, love these shoes!

I realize not everyone is comfortable in the same type of sneaker.  Nonetheless, if you're looking around for a new pair of walking/running shoes for yourself or as a gift for someone, you might want to check them out.

* And no, this is not a sponsored post. *

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6 Responses to “Walking on Clouds”

  1. Bridget

    I got a pair on sale this summer at Nordstrom and I love them too!

  2. Jan

    The only time I pull my feet out of Crocs and/or sandals, they go in Skecher’s Shape Ups, since all my other shoes, cute as they may be, rub 47 huge blisters on my feet due to some weird shoe store voodoo that made them comfortable when I tried them on.


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