Where Are the Damn Elves When You Need Them?

I realize a lot of people stress out around the holidays.

This year, I knew I was at a disadvantage with the whole 8th surgery, bionic arm, thing going on.  I was determined to stay calm, cheerful, and blah, blah, blah even if it killed me.


For the most part I am feeling cheery.

I get waves of panic though.

For instance, yesterday I was standing in a long line at the post office to buy stamps for our holiday cards.  Several women ahead of me began talking about how they were mailing off their packages and then woo! hoo! they'd be "done" and ready for Christmas.  It made me feel all panicky.  (I'm not "done" or even close to being done!)

As a side note, there was a woman in front of me in line who was closer to 90 than she was to 80 years old.  She was wearing skin tight leggings, over the knee boots, and a too short top.  Now, I'm all about wearing what you feel good in, but she looked ridiculous.  She couldn't pull it off, not even a little bit.  Instead of looking youthful, which I think was her intention, she looked like another example of an OC woman being a stereotype of herself.


I began working on decorating our BIG Christmas tree and my arm just couldn't handle it for long.  I'll do a little each day I suppose and maybe (?) it will be done by Christmas.  Or perhaps it won't be, and I'll just accept it?

Or better yet, maybe elves will come in and do it while I'm sleeping one night?

In other news, Costco sells gigantic poinsettias for $14 each.


I love poinsettias.

Love, love, love!

(By the way, can you tell I've got my good better camera back in my hands?  Yay!!)

Every year I go to Costco just to buy poinsettias to put on our porch and front walkway.  I don't know what these flowers cost where you live, but the Costco price can't be beat around here.  (They're about 3 feet tall and very full!)


Poinsettias are so bright and cheery.

Every time I start to feel panicky about all the things I haven't done, I'm going to just stop and admire them for awhile.  

After all … we're supposed to enjoy the holidays, right?

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10 Responses to “Where Are the Damn Elves When You Need Them?”

  1. yvonne nc

    Let go of the “I need to get it done” this year. It’s liberating! Have your son ask some of his friends to come help decorate the tree. I’m sure they’ll pitch in. You don’t need to do it all yourself. The first year I had to let go and let others pitch in I was in a panic, but you know what? Even if I could I would not go back to that. The holidays are much more enjoyable now.

  2. di

    I generally place poinsettias on our fireplace each year, but I don’t trust Rowdy this year. He eats any and all kinds of plants and drags them in through the doggie door for me to clean up. I think poinsettias would definitely be on his menu.
    Beautiful photos!!

  3. Tami

    You are so talented. Beautiful, beautiful photos! I need elves too.

  4. Missy

    OK. Now I have to get to Costco and pick a couple up. I am doing minimal decorating and these will go a long way towards making the house festive.

  5. linda

    Holler if you need help. I had only 5 people to buy gifts for so I am ‘done’. I’ll be happy to come lend you a hand/arm 🙂
    And really, 24! You need to start snapping secret photos of these characters with your phone! LOL!

  6. Jan

    I’m nowhere near done, either – we’re having the annual employee holiday party at or house again this year; in fact it’s this Saturday. I don’t even have a menu put together yet. *sigh*
    The photos of the poinsettias are gorgeous! We don’t have a Costco near us, I’m sorry to say. But even if we did I couldn’t put them outside; they’d be buried in snow. *more sigh*

  7. Michelle Pixie

    I am still trying to get that image of granny out of my head!
    I wish I could come be your little elf for you. I would bring my camera and take some pretty pictures of your Poinsettias myself. I love them too but it is way too cold to put them outside and with little ones I can’t have them in the house since they are poisonous. 🙁

  8. goodfather

    Be careful what you wish for. I know you live somewhere in California. Heh. Our of curiosity, is a hot female mother elf a ‘melf’?
    Not funny? Wow, tough blog.
    Awesome poinsettias!

  9. Jack

    One more night of Chanukah and the madness ends. It has been fun, but I am ready to rest. This time of year shouldn’t be so stressful, I agree that it is ok not to get it all done.


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