A Glimpse of …?

I was gone every single moment of yesterday. 

It began with sitting naked in a steam room.  Steam rooms are one of the most relaxing things in the world to me.  (Saunas are okay, but I love steam rooms!)  It was followed by 75 minutes of bliss as I was wrapped in heated blankets, steaming eucalyptus leaves, and massaged from head to foot.

Yes, the massage was a little tricky with my arm/internal wires/neurostimulator.  But?  It was doable, and my muscles were so tight and knotted in spasms, I needed it done.  That's a more factual statement than you might think.  I can't move my arm or surrounding muscles on my own, I actually need someone else to move them for me.  

Did it help my pain?  No, it didn't.  It made it worse.  I'm in a very bad pain fog right now. (!!)  I know it would be even more intense without the bionics in my arm.

I keep reminding myself of that – it would be worse without the neurostimulator.  But when pain gets to a certain level it almost doesn't matter.  It's just BAD.  Impossible to think, to think clearly … to function normally.

It's my first bad flare-up since I was implanted with the neurostimulator.  It will get better in time.

I don't think I realized how very stressed I've been until I felt some of that stress melting away at the spa.  Have I mentioned, at least a million times, it's been a tough few weeks?

My next stop was at a waxing salon where I gasped as a smiling esthetician ripped out my cooter hairs.  I left the salon completely bald.  (By the way, the salon is currently selling gift cards and their slogan is, "Give the gift of baldness!")  The salon was packed.  Orange County women are hairless.

My next stop was the Fat Farm to be weighed in.  I lost another pound.  Go me! 

Then I stopped home long enough to shower, change, and head out to a high school baseball parent meeting for the night.  I came home with four baseball sweatshirts.  (Go team!)  

Fun times?

Since all that running around didn't leave me much time for writing, I thought I'd share a couple very random photos today. 

This first photo reminds me of college.  I went to UC Santa Barbara which sits right on a bluff overlooking the ocean.  The main form of transportation there is by bike.  This also seems to be the case in Huntington Beach:


I love the blown out look of the above photo.  (Yes, I made it look like that intentionally!)

The center of a gerber daisy:


You don't see many people like this in The OC:


Buckets of flowers:


And, of course, I need to close with the ocean – because it is a part of me.

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8 Responses to “A Glimpse of …?”

  1. Tami

    Love the flower center! sorry about your arm. I hope it feels better soon.

  2. Jan

    Ah, honey. You’re just having a helluva start to 2011. The massage will make things better in the long run, yes?
    I adore Gerber daisies, and I really adore that photo.

  3. Sandra

    [(By the way, the salon is currently selling gift cards and their slogan is, “Give the gift of baldness!”) The salon was packed. Orange County women are hairless.]

  4. linda

    First, the Gerber Daisy? WOW! Very cool photo!
    Second, the farmer & tractor? Welcome to my (red)neck of the woods 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better fast.

  5. Ginger

    The gift of baldness?? HA HA HA now that’s a good ad! All of your photos are good, but I love the last photo of the wave the most. I need to visit the ocean myself, this weekend.


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