It’s Winter, Isn’t It?

We've had beautiful, warm, weather this last week.  In fact, temperatures will be in the 80's (27+C) here today.  

Oddly, I noticed the leaves have finally changed color on the Liquidambar trees in my backyard.  (Liquidambars are one of the few trees with leaves that turn fall-ish in the Orange County climate.)


Clearly the trees are confused.  They were supposed to turn in October, not mid-January.

Regardless, I think they're beautiful, don't you?

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6 Responses to “It’s Winter, Isn’t It?”

  1. Di

    Autumn colors are pretty any time of the year. I could live in autumn year round and never miss any of the other seasons.

  2. karen

    Wow, I didn’t know you had trees that turned – these are beautiful golden orange hues, you must love them in the yard. Jealous of your temps. *sigh*
    It’s in the teens here. Brrrrrrr……..


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