Loose Ends

Don't you hate it when you read a blog post (or article) on a topic, but never get any follow-up information?

You're left wondering what happened next, or how things were resolved.

I thought I'd cover a few loose ends today and throw in some random miscellaneous facts for good measure.

•  First and foremost, my oldest son is safe.  He's also very RELIEVED, as we all are.  (If you don't know what I'm referring to you can click here to get caught up.)  He's back to being a typical college student.  He's studying hard, partying hard, involved in a lot of campus activities again, and living in his appointed room once more, where he wants to be.  

PK, the troubled student, is still being held as an involuntary in-patient in a psych ward.  PK's dad flew to the United States to address the situation.  He has withdrawn PK from the university on a "medical leave."  When PK leaves the hospital, he will be returning to Brazil for the time being.  

No one expects PK to ever return.  If he wants to in the future, he will be required to get clearance from a psychiatrist chosen by the university.  Personally, I don't think returning should be an option after threatening several people with violence.  I've asked the Dean for notification if PK returns while my son is a student.  I do sympathize with PK and his family, but my priority is the safety of my son.  

•  My imaginary bedbugs, which turned out to be carpet beetles, have been eradicated from our home.  It turns out carpet beetles are pretty easy to get rid of, but still a total pain in the ass.  The Bug Man told me they're very common here and I might see them again in the spring.  NO THANK YOU!

Have you ever had a Bug Man flirt with you?  Um, yeah ….

•  A lot of you have been purchasing my photos lately and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  It makes me so happy to know they're being enjoyed!

•  I got a spam email recently.  It was from an OC business.  It said, "Have you had your Botox lately?"  It made me laugh.  Then I looked in the mirror and thought maybe they saw me on the street recently and decided I really need it.  

•  My bionic arm is so much better than it was prior to being made bionic.  At the same time, I've been experiencing a very bad (!) pain flare-up this week and it really, really sucks.  I feel like a failure when I have to increase my pain meds.  I feel like I'm taking a giant step backwards.  There have been a million "setbacks" since the accident, and yet – every single one makes me feel like a failure.

The more I use, (or TRY to use), my arm the more it hurts.  Simple, isn't it?

•  Did you know there's a national tampon shortage?  How can that even happen?  It's so tempting for me to write an entire post about this because oh, the jokes!  But for today I'll just refer you to this link if you want to read more about it:  click here.  (Thank you to NeCole for the link!)

•  I'm at the spa today having someone work on my arm/shoulder/upper back/surrounding muscles.  I hope it helps.  Sometimes it makes it worse for a few days before it gets better.

•  After the spa, I'm getting a brazilian bikini wax.  I know you really needed to know that, didn't you?  (Also?  Ouch!)

•  I stopped in to talk to our cable company yesterday because I was having some problems while streaming Netflix.  The nice cable man doubled my Internet speed as we talked.  Wow!  Things are really speedy in my world now!

•  Yes, I am planning to order an iPhone on February 3rd, the first day existing Verizon customers are allowed to.  I've been holding out for two years, and my blackberry is a piece of crap.

•  I've lost 10 pounds of the weight I gained while taking Prednisone for two months.  I already feel so much better.  I'm out of my fat jeans.  I'm not back in my skinny jeans yet, but I'm comfortably in my in-between jeans.  Am I the only person with three sizes of jeans in her closet?  (I bought the fat jeans at the end of my second month on Prednisone … blimp jeans!)

•  2011 has not gotten off to a good start.  In fact, it has gotten off to a very expensive, stressful, start.  The carpet beetle eradication cost around $2,500 by the time it was all said and done.  We also had a pipe leak in the concrete slab of our house (that's where the pipes are in most California homes).  It involved lots of flooding, holes in our drywall (which are still there), and a bill for around $3,000.  Throw in the stress of having a psychotic person threatening my kid ….

I'd like the universe to give me a break –

I'm due.

© Twenty Four At Heart

14 Responses to “Loose Ends”

  1. joanne

    Just letting you know that the year started chaotically here too, and not just for me. Random OMG! moments popping up , sometimes several at one time. At this end, we are kind of shell shocked already into a “whatever” kind of haze, determined to get through it simply by waking up every day.Kind of spooky when you are thinking “next year will be better” and it’s still January!
    This too, shall pass

  2. yvonne nc

    Happy for your son. I know it’s hard, but don’t think of increasing your meds as failure, think of them as a helping hand up. I just call them my bad days and keep my focus on the better days.

  3. Jan

    I am SO glad that PK is off campus and going back to Brazil, but WHY the hell did it take them so long? Honestly.
    Are you the only person with 3 different sizes of jeans in her closet? In a word: NO.
    Beloved is actually *encouraging* me to go to BlogHer – said we could use some of our miles to get me there. We will see.

  4. Pam

    Thanks for the update! I’m very glad that PK is out of school and will be heading home soon. Having a son far away at school makes me relate sooo much and it scares the hell out of me! Thankfully his father came and took care of things.
    Good luck with your arm. I’m sure the stresses you’ve been having have not been helping your healing.
    Take care.

  5. goodfather

    Awesome post! Yes, I do hate it when there are loose ends, and I’m very thankful to you for tying yours up! So glad your son is OK, what a relief!
    Sorry the tampon supply is in the red. OK, I’ll stop. Just couldn’t help myself. Like shooting tampons in a barrel.

  6. Jack

    I have played around with getting the iPhone next month, but I think that the Droid may win. We’ll have to see. Still love my BB, but…
    Glad to hear about PK going back to Brazil.

  7. Kristan

    Glad things have worked out for your son and his friends, and I hope PK gets the help he so clearly needs.

  8. Tami

    Appreciate the update and glad things worked out for your son. Congrats on the ten LBS!

  9. Linda

    ((((hugs)))) thanks for the update. I worry about you and yours!

  10. Nancy

    Thank heavens things got resolved for your son. I hope PK gets the help he needs back home.

  11. Jill

    Yay – so happy to get the the rest of the story cleared up! So glad it all worked out the “right” way!
    Hope you’re sleeping easier …

  12. Freda

    Thanks for the updates. Btw – I’m just starting on the aim to lose 45lbs – I know it is long haul and I know it is just common sense, but any advice would be welcome.

  13. DuchessOmnium

    I’m so glad your son is safe and PK is getting the help he needs. And probably your kid will be long gone before PK is ever back. But I don’t agree with you about returning not being an option. Like your son, PK was only a kid, and, it turns out, a kid who was ill. It seems to me that all the systems were fired up and worked pretty well (though I accept there were scary bits for you and your son). The university protected both PK and your son and also kept you informed.
    Maybe PK has another chance down the road, if a psychiatrist says its okay. For sure they are going to be monitoring every step he takes. He made noises, but according to what you say he never actually hurt anyone, including your son.
    Do you really think a troubled teenager who did nothing but talk should not be allowed a second chance months or years later when he has had treatment, is certified okay by an independent psychiatrist and the relevant parents notified? Turn the boys around, if you can. I think you would want your son — who never hurt any one, just talked — to have a second chance.

  14. cheap vibram five fingers

    Maybe PK has another chance down the road, if a psychiatrist says its okay. For sure they are going to be monitoring every step he takes. He made noises, but according to what you say he never actually hurt anyone, including your son.


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