Losing The Prednisone Fat

I know you're all dying to hear more about some of my escapades at the Rose Parade, and I do have more to share with you.  I know you especially want to hear about the very obnoxious woman seated behind me and her obnoxious brat child and what I said to them her.  Also?  I might have broken into a *real* building bathroom in a successful attempt to boycott the porta potties.  (And yes, I do mean that in the "breaking and entering" sense.)

I will do anything to avoid peeing in a porta potty.

See what exciting stories you have to look forward to? 

But …

My fat needs to take priority today.

Prednisone is the devil's drug; the side effects are numerous and horrible.  As most of you already know, I had to go on a high dose of it for an extended time period due to a, very avoidable, allergic reaction.  While I was on The Devil's Drug, I ate everything in sight.  It made me ravenous … RAVENOUS!  

I'm insulin resistant, and gain weight easily, so The Prednisone Ordeal was a nightmare for me.  In addition, I couldn't exercise post-surgery.  The combination of all these factors was disastrous for my weight.

Now, however, I'm off the evil fat-producing drug.  I will be allowed to exercise in a little less than three more weeks.  The holidays are over too, so it's time to begin losing the Prednisone Fat.

Some of you might be on post-holiday diets?

I'm on a post-Prednisone diet.

What diet, exactly, am I doing?

Well, beginning today, I'm back on Lindora.  My doctor had recommended Lindora to me when I first discovered I was insulin resistant.  I lost weight on their program because it's very compatible with my body chemistry.  I continued to keep the weight off, and even lost more, once I completed their program.  Their "program" is basically a doctor supervised, low carb, high (lean) protein diet.  It's perfect for my metabolism. 

And no, I'm not saying it's perfect for YOU, or anyone else.  It works for me and my pain in the ass metabolism though.  It's basically the way I need to eat all the time in order to stay healthy.

I felt really good physically (except for my arm) before The Prednisone Ordeal.  My skin looked good too.  I wasn't anorexic-skinny by any means, but I felt fit.  I had a lot of energy.

Since Surgery #7 and especially Surgery #8, with its resulting Prednisone Ordeal, I've felt like a slug.  My energy is lacking, the Prednisone made my skin look horrible, although it has improved recently.  Blah, blah, blah ….

I'm looking forward to feeling good again.

The first few days I will probably experience a carb crash.  You might want to steer clear of me in case I turn into an irritable bitch.  If I write a blog post ranting about gnomes and/or Briefcase you'll know why.

I'm not saying Briefcase IS a gnome.  

Well, I'm not saying that yet.  

I might say something like that in a day or two while I'm irritable transitioning my diet.

I'll be hungry too until my body adapts to my pre-Prednisone diet.  It takes about three days to fully acclimate, or at least it did for me when I began the program initially.  After that point, I should feel great.

And hopefully start getting less-fat.

Damn, that Prednisone!

* Also, if any of you are on a post holiday diet – I'd love to hear about it.  There's encouragement in numbers!  *

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13 Responses to “Losing The Prednisone Fat”

  1. Deidre

    Good for you 24.
    I have a pretty healthy diet, but whenever I go to The CLimates, Mrs. Climate spoils me with sweets and chocolates and all kinds of sugary items. And it always takes me a little while to wean myself off sugar again.

  2. Jan

    I’ll be blogging about my holiday excesses and their effects on Friday, but I am also back on the diet wagon. My goal is to gradually go primal this year – it suits MY wonky metabolism best.

  3. karen

    LOL… hang in there.
    My husband is a BITCH right now, on a diet to lose 40 lbs – basically Atkins. He needs to lose the weight..but the first two weeks are MISERABLE – I want to FORCE FEED HIM!!…

  4. NeCole

    I’m back on South Beach which seems similar to Lindora. Feel free to tell me to “put that cookie down” lol. I’m also trying to wean myself yet again from my diet coke addiction. I don’t own a scale but I have some clothes that don’t fit, so that will be my guideline.

  5. Judi

    Early last year I lost 20 pounds and started being much more active again, playing tennis 3-4 times a week with my hubby, etc. Apparently, however, this ended up with a horrible result – I wore out the cartilage in my hip. So now I haven’t been able to be active at all for several months and have gained back 10+ pounds.
    I had surgery on this hip three years ago that was supposed to buy me 5-10 years before needing a replacement. I have a date with my surgeon for the replacement on Valentine’s Day. Romantic, no? They gave me a packet full of info and exercises that I need to do to strengthen the muscles so that my recovery will be easier, and I’m also trying to eat healthier and less so I can lose a little weight prior to the surgery.

  6. Kim @ Beautiful Wreck

    I am so on the eating right and getting in shape kick, and it has little to do with the new year. The whole taking prednisone for pneumonia packed and bloated me up in a way I did not expect and with Mr. K’s health issues I need to be in better shape to take care of him and the kids. Lots of luck my friend!

  7. dogmother

    Poor, poor menopausal me. I think I’m doomed to weigh this weight that I consider to be 20 lbs too much forever! In fact, I started P90X 8 weeks ago and I lost 6 inches…and weigh the same!! What’s with that?? I’m adding back running to my life and have a few goals in mind, starting with Bay to Breakers in SF in May.

  8. Selma

    I know what you mean. I have been on Prednisone for the past 6 months and have put on 16lbs. Usually I am a good weight and quite fit but now I look like a blimp. The thing with prednisone is that it puts weight on in isolated areas like the stomach. And the cheeks. Everywhere else looks normal on me but for my big stomach and even bigger cheeks. I look like a pregnant squirrel storing nuts for the winter.
    Best of luck with the diet. I will be swimming and doing pilates in an attempt to get back to normal!

  9. Momma Sunshine

    I’ve got about 10 pounds that I’d like to kiss goodbye. Not that I gained it for any good reason, but I’ve struggled with weight my entire adult life. I’m pretty stable with it these days, just have a little too much of it. And 10 extra pounds when you’re only 5’2″ adds up to a lot!
    Good luck with the weight loss…slow and steady wins the race!

  10. Jane

    Oh you peeps with 10 and 20 lbs to lose. sigh. I’ve lost 43 lbs and STILL have 60 lbs to go! And yes, slow and steady is the way to take and keep it off. Lots of luck to all!

  11. Kelly

    Prednisone is the WORST! I gained 20 LBs in two weeks on it! I still haven’t lost it all.


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