Now, What Were We Talking About?

I wanted to share a little more about the Rose Parade with you.

These are the mountains I grew up in, as viewed from my seat at the Rose Parade.

Aren't they beautiful?

The parade opened with the, initially silent, appearance of a stealth bomber.


It IS stealthly because you don't hear it approaching.  I'm not impressed by such things, but … I was impressed – and oohed and ahhed.

The grandstands were filled with a lot of football fans.  They had traveled far and wide to watch their teams play in the Rose Bowl, but they were enjoying the parade first.

Here's a Wisconsin fan:


Here's a Texas fan:


I love people watching.  Really, there are few things as entertaining as a gathering with lots of people!

Did you know Paula Deen was the Grand Marshall of the Rose Parade?  


It's quite an honor to be asked.

Remember how I mentioned how cold it was the day of the parade?

The snow capped mountains in the Los Angeles area made for a beautiful day.

And yes, I did take the above photo right through our car windshield as we drove home.

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8 Responses to “Now, What Were We Talking About?”

  1. Donna

    You got some great shots and Paula Deen!! You got her at just the right moment!! Terrific pic of her…I would have blown that moment for sure!

  2. Di

    Great shots, and yes… the mountains are pretty there. I wonder if Paula got cold in that open air car? Brrrr.

  3. linda

    I could look at those mountains all day. ::sigh:: What a beautiful day for a parade.

  4. Jack

    I never get tired of seeing those mountains. That shot of the Stealth Bomber is awesome.

  5. Anne Gibert

    People and mountains are two of my favorite subjects for watching and picture taking. And painting as well. Your photos, as usual, are wonderful.

  6. Jan

    I’ve taken a couple of good pictures through the windshield of our car (the backside of Amish buggies, mostly; they’re so picturesque), but none quite as good as your mountains. And I also love the pic of the stealth bomber – awesome, indeed!

  7. goodfather

    GREAT shots! I loved the bomber pic, and (like my beautiful wife) you take great pictures through your windshield!
    Hope you stayed warm!


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