I'm having a hard time concentrating today, so here goes an all-over-the-place post.

•  We're getting all sorts of clouds lately.  I realize clouds are normal for most of you, but they aren't normal here.  I like looking at them and I love photographing them.


•  I've been de-hoarding my house on a grand scale.  The de-hoarding began when I had my imaginary-bug scare.  I started cleaning everything in sight.  I progressed to cleaning out closets, etc.  I haven't stopped in over a week.  We've taken bags and bags of stuff to Goodwill.  

•  My arm is begging for mercy, but I can't seem to stop myself.  

•  Tangent:  I think my bionic arm is improving more and more, the further I progress in my recovery.  I will probably live my entire life in chronic pain.  I will probably not regain (much?) more function of my arm.  I still have (bad) pain flare-ups when I try to do more than I'm capable of.  But …?  Overall, the pain is less intense.  On a day to day basis, it has dropped a very important notch or two.  I can unclench my teeth more often.  I honestly don't know how I survived the last four and a half years, but I'm so grateful to (finally) be seeing an improvement in my pain levels.  **Fingers crossed**

•  Thankfully, we "only" found carpet beetles (and NO bedbugs) in one (and only one) bedroom – which also happens to be the only downstairs bedroom in our house.  Carpet beetles come in under baseboards from outside.  We *think* they came in as a result of the torrential rain a couple weeks ago.  Lovely critters …. everyone should have a carpet beetle or two in their life.

•  I keep imagining bugs, and itches, even where there are none.

•  I have six stitches on my leg, ON MY TATTOO, right now.  I'd tell you why, but it's a boring story and I'm fine.  I suppose that's the positive of everything I've been through.  Six stitches is nothing to me.  I keep forgetting they're there.

•  I had my carpet cleaned two days ago because I thought it would help me stop worrying about imaginary bugs.  We usually have it cleaned every January anyway ….

•  I'm going to try and have a Photography Friday post for you this week on bokeh.  Bokeh, as a subject, was requested by a few different readers.  I'm sorry I haven't gotten to it sooner.  (See: bugs!)

•  I'm having the interior of my house (baseboards) sprayed by the Bug Man on Friday.  He already did the one room where we found bugs, but I don't think I'll stop imagining bugs until he does the entire house.

•  I want to take a pottery class and learn to use a potter's wheel.  And no, I haven't been watching Ghost.  In fact, I think I'm the only woman on earth who hasn't seen that movie.  I also have no idea what prompted this sudden urge.  I baffle even myself.

•  My house is chaotic lately because:  bugs, bug men, bug spraying, cleaning, de-hoarding, more cleaning, carpet cleaning, more bug men, more spraying, more cleaning!  

•  My two older kids are back at school.  They left The OC last weekend and returned to snow and ice in their separate cities.  It's supposed to be around 70F (21C) here today.  They're having a little trouble adjusting to the change of weather.  In fact, my daughter is in Boston experiencing her first-ever blizzard today.  

•  My previous point was supposed to be:  I'm down to one kid in the house again.  I love, and miss, my older kids.  I also enjoy down time after the chaos of the holidays, does that mean I'm a bad mother?

•  I've never been in a blizzard.  I think it would be fun!

•  Someone asked me what program(s) I use for post processing my photos.  I use, primarily, CS5.  

•  I lost 7 pounds in my first six days of Lose-The-Prednisone-Fat dieting.  Yay me!  (I know, I know … those 7 pounds were undoubtedly water weight from the drug.)  Still?  Yay me!  I'm hoping to be cleared for exercise beginning January 20th.

•  And now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to go clean out the garage.


Suddenly Anal

(And no, that's not referring to sex!)

:: Did I really just write that? ::

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11 Responses to “Scattered”

  1. Jack

    I like looking at snow on television. Don’t have any real desire to live in it.

  2. Jan

    1) Being in a blizzard is not all that fun and B) you’re not a bad mother. I love my older kids to death, but I also love that they’re adults. On their own. Paying their own bills. It’s part of being a parent, you know?

  3. joanne

    I thought it cute that you mentioned cleaning six times in the sentences just before you said “me daughter left the OC(mom?) last weekend. yep my mind read “my daughter left her obsessive compulsive mother last week”….. tee hee

  4. karen

    I’m in connecticut, not far from Boston.. and the snow is crazy. We haven’t had this much in YEARS.
    There is lots of “weather” happening on the east coast, perhaps this is why you have so much cloud cover on the west.
    Gorgeous photo, as always. Glad to know you are finding some pain relief and more function after all you’ve been through.

  5. Pam

    Good for you! I love to organize and especially love to take bags and bags to the Goodwill. 🙂
    LOL on your sign-off!!

  6. Ginger

    The terrible snowstorm of the east coast dumped 4 inches on my little southern city on the coast. And while that was happening, my husband and I were cruising down the Florida Turnpike with the top off of our car, for a nice little key West getaway!
    I’m on the way home now, and not looking forward to seeing how much snow is left on the ground.

  7. goodfather

    Sorry to hear your hurt your tattoo! We had snow last night, but its nearly gone already. Cleaning out closets is always good, BW makes a trip to Goodwill once a month, on average.

  8. DuchessOmnium

    Only you would not give a whole post to six stitches. Six stitches? I’m glad about the pain downturn, the bedbug free zone and the 7 pounds (yay you). And no, you are not the only woman not to have seen Ghost…

  9. Amy_in_Stl

    When I lived in Iowa, I always thought blizzards were fun… as long as you don’t HAVE to be out in them. My favorite thing though was Thundersnow. There’s nothing more awesome than sitting in a big chair in a bay window and watching really heavy snow come down only to see a quick muted flash and then hear a deep roll of thunder. I miss that.

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