I usually save my "photo only" posts for the weekends, but this one is an exception.  We've had  a lot of unusual cloud formations lately, creating spectacular sunsets.  On this particular evening, the beach fog rolled in quickly and intermingled with the clouds as the sun was setting.  We ended up with the beauty captured above.

It is, I think, my favorite photo out of the ones I've taken in recent months.

I hope you enjoy it too!

* This photo has been uploaded to the album Beach 2011 on my photo site. *

© Twenty Four At Heart

15 Responses to “Sunset”

  1. Judi

    Gorgeous capture! The clouds really have been unusual and beautiful lately.

  2. Anne Gibert

    A beautiful photo. It’s surprising that the brightness of the sun didn’t make the rest too dark to see the cloud variations on the horizon. Did you have to doctor it?

  3. Twenty Four At Heart

    I actually didn’t have to do anything to the clouds at all. I slightly darkened the actual ball of the sun so it didn’t blind us all and increased the vibrancy slightly. : )


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