Catalina Island at Sunset

I took this photo of Catalina Island a few weeks ago.  We were having night after night of spectacular sunsets.  I love looking out from "my" Orange County beaches knowing Catalina is right there.


Catalina Island is a special place.  It holds a lot of wonderful memories for me.

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3 Responses to “Catalina Island at Sunset”

  1. donna

    What a gorgeous photo! You get to see THAT every night? Good golly Miss Molly! How fun! I went to LA a couple of years ago to a conference and a trip to Catalina was planned. I was soooo excited about it….somehow it seems so remotely romantic! The trip was cancelled because the times interfered with the conference….don’t know what they were thinking was more important…lol! Color me VERY disappointed! So, enjoy that wonderful view each night!

  2. Di

    Wow… I haven’t been there since the 80’s. I wonder if it’s as pretty now as it was then.
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