Sometimes, if we take a moment to stop and look, we see beauty in the simple things around us.


This dandelion, standing by itself in the fog, struck me with its beauty.

* By request, this photo has been uploaded and is available for sale in the album "2011."  You can access this, and many of my other photos, by clicking here

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5 Responses to “Dandelion”

  1. Di

    Sometimes it’s hard to stand alone. It takes fortitude to be who you really are.
    Great shot!

  2. steph

    i think i’m going to need to buy a copy of that photo (hint, hint :)). i love it!

  3. Jane

    Wow, Suzanne, I can see a difference! You really didn’t have many wrinkles before, but the higher cheekbones or whatever injection she did really does make you look younger ~ refreshed! I’ve never liked the way women look with Botox, but this is pretty amazing.


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