To start with, I have to be honest and tell you I'm writing this on two hours of sleep and after having taken half of a pain pill.  (I only took half, not because I don't need three a whole one, but because I'm stubborn and I don't want to take them.)

This post may make no sense.  For instance, commas are suddenly baffling.  I'm definitely not thinking my clearest right now, and it's more a result of my lack of sleep than the pain meds.  

See?  I don't think that last sentence made any sense at all.

Yesterday, I told you about going to the beach at what I thought was the tail end of a storm.  I ended up getting knocked into the cold ocean by a wayward wave.  I was soaking wet and freezing in the cold wind.  Nonetheless, I was incredibly relieved to discover my camera hadn't been ruined.

Once I realized my camera still worked (!), I decided to stay and take "just one or two" photos.  Yes, I'm out of my mind crazy.  I was shivering, but I stayed.  We don't get storms here very often and oh, the clouds!  And the sky!  And the shifting patterns of light!

It was a photography challenge, and an amazing opportunity, for someone like me who's used to nothing but lots of sunshine. 

Over the course of the next hour or two, during which time I was colder than I think I've ever been in my life, I had several unexpected adventures.  

(I should also probably mention, during that same time period, the weather was at times sunny, rainy, clear, cloudy, menacing, extremely DARK, and extremely BRIGHT.  It was always windy, however, and I had cold wet clothes on.  Brrrr!!)

•  I met several nice people who approached me to chat.  Some of them had photography questions, some of them thought I was a reporter, some of them probably just wanted to know what was up with the woman with the big camera and wet clothes.  (Waving now to the nice man from Ohio who took one of my cards!)

For awhile, I had pretty nice photography conditions (other than the freezing wind) and got several great shots.


It looks almost prehistoric, doesn't it?

•  A second stage of the storm rolled in suddenly.  The waves were whipped into a frenzy, the wind howled, rain poured from the sky and I took refuge in a small cave.  My camera got wet (again!) from the rain, but I put it under my shirt as I ran for the cave.  I've got to give kudos to Canon for building a camera capable of surviving ME.

(This is a partial view from the cave during a calm period in the storm.  I didn't take any photos when I was hiding in there and it was pouring, but I probably should have.)

•  After about an hour of shooting photos, a strange and scary man (who had a woman with him!) approached me and would not leave me alone.  He kept appearing out of nowhere by my side, and wouldn't leave.  He talked incessantly.  At first, I thought he was harmless.  


Then I saw the crazy in his eyes.  

And I do mean crazy!  

He wouldn't let me out of his sight.  He followed me for at least thirty minutes, and did I mention he was really scaring me?  By the time I was approaching terrified, the rain was really coming down and the beach was nearly empty.  I had wandered far from my car – and well, far from everything.  

I was on a stretch of rainy beach with no one in sight and Freaky-Scary-Man was stalking me.

In my mind, I quickly decided Freaky-Scary-Man was a serial killer in one of those weird, twisted, psycho-dependent relationships with the woman who kept tagging along several feet behind him.  I decided she must be either his prisoner or his co-serial killer.

(Perhaps I've watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds?)

In time, I saw another man about a quarter mile down the beach.  I practically sprinted, in my wet squishy shoes, to where he was.  

A little out of breath I asked, "Can I talk to you?"  

He was nice.  He was around thirty years old.  I explained I was being stalked by Freaky-Scary-Man.  We ended up chatting for quite awhile.  He asked me a lot of photography questions.  (My camera must look very official because everyone always wants to talk about it and/or photography.)  Nice-Man walked me to my car and I was grateful because Freaky-Scary-Man was still in the distance just watching.

Have I ever mentioned it's almost never boring to be around me?

Have I also ever mentioned I can attract a pervert from a hundred miles away?

Because I can.  

And I do!

But it worked out okay.  

I got some amazing photos in so many different types of light.

I came home, took a hot shower, got into dry clothes, wrapped myself in a blanket by the fireplace and sipped on some hot tea.  It took me a good two hours to feel warm again.


Can you see the rain falling from the clouds on the horizon?

It arrived quickly and it soaked me through and through, but it was SO worth it!

© Twenty Four At Heart

16 Responses to “Freaky-Scary-Man!”

  1. Jack

    American women only attract freaky scary men, signed John Rambo. Just kidding. 😉

  2. Sheppitsgal

    OK, am confused. What was the freaky scary mans woman friend doing? Was she staring too, or carrying on as though nothing was happening? Maybe she was his ‘carer’, lol. Glad you escaped unscathed x

  3. karen

    Yeah, what the he** was the woman doing???….
    These photos are absolutely stunning…well worth the soak 🙂

  4. Twenty Four At Heart

    The woman was following along about ten steps behind him. She wouldn’t make eye contact with me and just stared at the ground whenever I looked her way. She was creepy in her own right.

  5. Kelly

    I attract perverts too. You got some fabulous pictures. I’m so glad you found the other man to walk you to your car.

  6. Pam

    I love your pictures, but definitely have the chills from your Freaky-scary man story! Thank God for Nice Man and that he walked to you your car.

  7. Tami

    Beautiful photos but I admit I’m laughing a little at how exciting a storm is out there. We get that excited for SUN. : ) Glad you found the nice man to save you from the whack job! scary

  8. linda

    24 – the Damsel in Distress, making great photos in the storm. You rock girlfiend. Your pictures are so much more precious when they come with story of the reality of when the pics were snapped. Scary, but titillating too, yes? You know- the thing I like about you, and aspire to do more of in my real life, is the way you live each day with abundance. kisses

  9. linda

    and, if you tell me how- I would buy a print of that last photo in this blog. Can I do that? Just a high res digital file if possible or a print? It speaks to me. Your little adventure sounded like a fair portion of my life. being brave to keep in the game but being freaked out by the danger later. This picture, seems like a ray of hope after forging through.

  10. Ginger

    I just want to know what in the world he was talking to you ABOUT? I can’t fathom what kind of conversation he could have started!

  11. linda

    With neighbors from Glendale and my brother & SIL in Alameda I now understand your facination with ‘weather’. It really doesn’t ever rain in Southern California:)
    Your photos are amazing!
    Have you ever thought about carrying MACE? Just sayin:)


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