Just Call Me Barbie

Yesterday, I let my friend, Suzanne, at Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery (PCPS) do whatever she wanted to me.

Wait a minute, that sounds all sorts of inappropriate, doesn't it?

If you've been reading here for the last year you might remember I wrote a post about my hands last March.  My hands are my pet peeve about my body.  Those of you who have met me are probably wondering why I'm not more concerned about the wrinkles under my eyes, or the weight I've gained since my car accident, or the scars I've accumulated due to the eight resulting surgeries.

All of that stuff is bad too.

And yet?

I expect a few wrinkles as I get older and as much as I don't like them … I've given birth to three kids, led a less-than-easy life, and I've earned them.  I know, better than anyone, what I've had to go through the last four and a half years since my accident and I refuse to beat myself up about not being the same physically as I was pre-accident.  Do I want to lose weight?  Yes.  Am I losing weight?  Yes – slowly, but surely.  I know how I got this less than perfect, very scarred up, body though and I'm willing to cut myself some slack.

My hands, however, look decades older than I really am.  At least, to me they do.  I may have fat to spare on the rest of my body, but I have bony hands.  They remind me of chicken bones with a layer of thin skin pulled over them.  I'm okay if my hands look my age, but I'm not okay with them looking like I'm a ninety year old woman when I'm really only twenty four.

Last March, I tried Sculptra injections for my hands.  You can read about my experience here.  I've heard and read, wonderful things about Sculptra – particularly when it's used on people's faces.  For my hands, however, it didn't work.  I was disappointed.  (By the way, the makers of Sculptra don't market it for hands, and now I know why.)

Every time I walk into PCPS it's pretty much an instant party.  I love the people there and I end up spending a lot of time hugging everyone and chatting and roaming the halls being nosy.  It's so fun!

Yesterday I told Suzanne (who is a nurse) I wanted her to do "something" to make my hands look better.

Guess what?

My hands look better!

Suzanne injected my hands with a product called Radiesse.  I had never heard of it before.  It's a "filler" which means it added volume to my bony hands so they look more normal.  I think my hands look 10-15 years younger now.  (By the way, I didn't have any age spots on my hands to start with, just very skeleton-like hands.)  Radiesse is also supposed to help your body create it's own collagen.  In other words, it gives you fake "volume" while your body begins creating its own, real, volume. 

My hands are sore, and bruised, from the injections.  So far, I'm thrilled though.  Instead of looking at my hands and thinking "chicken bones," I now look at them and think "hands."

It's amazing how such a little thing can make me feel so much better about myself.

In the interest of full disclosure, the Radiesse injections normally cost $600 each.  Suzanne used one and a half injections on each of my hands for a total of three.  Normally, three injections would cost $1,800.  I didn't have to pay $600 for each injection though, I only paid for the cost of the product.  I didn't promise to write about the product, or Suzanne, or Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery either.  But I am, because I know a lot of my readers are interested in topics like this.


I really do love the staff there.  They're my friends.

I could have left happy after the Radiesse injections, but Suzanne took a long look at me and said she wanted to do a few other things to me too, if I was interested.  She asked if I needed to be somewhere or if I had time to wait for her.  She went off to take care of a REAL patient, and I sat around chatting with everyone I encountered.  I was, admittedly, a little excited.

What would she do?

Would it hurt?

When Suzanne returned, I told her she could do whatever she wanted to me as long as she didn't give me "fish lips."  A lot of women here get fillers injected into their lips and I think it looks terrible.  

Suzanne ended up doing two other cosmetic procedures to me before I left.  

I'm going to tell you all about both of them, but not today.


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6 Responses to “Just Call Me Barbie”

  1. Tami

    Pictures please! I hate my hands too. I want to see before and after photos.

  2. Di

    Pricey stuff… I will have to just keep my old hands as they are, but am curious about the upcoming post about this.

  3. Kelly

    I’ve never heard of that either. I have a friend who put jevederm in her hands.

  4. Missy

    OMG! My hands have always looked much older than the rest of me as well. I’ve said I have my mom’s hands – bony with thin “crepe paper” skin.

  5. Anne Gibert

    You are so lucky not to have any spots on your hands. Of course, mine are covered with them (at my age what do I expect) and also the horrible fat blue veins.
    My darling aunt and I used to plan to have neck lifts. She never got around to it, and I suppose I never will either. Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror and pull the skin back and think how much better I could look.


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