Leaving The Bubble

I'm not here today.

I've decided to leave "the bubble" for the day.

And yes, a lot of us do refer to Orange County as "the bubble."  (A bubble of unreality.)

I'm leaving this:


And this:


And this:


To do a lot of sitting in this:



Yes, I'm spending the day in Los Angeles on a photography outing.

The thing is ….

When outings like this are planned, they often end up being very different experiences than what was initially expected.  I'll have details of what really happens tomorrow.  (You can also follow updates from me on Twitter today.)

In the meantime, let's hope I don't end up in four hours of traffic on my way home at the end of the day.  There aren't many things I hate more than L.A. traffic.

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7 Responses to “Leaving The Bubble”

  1. Di

    ugh…. reminds me of when we lived in Phoenix…. you know, LA’s little sister to the East. What a rat race and we don’t miss those roads one iota. Good luck on your trek and photo shoot!

  2. Jan

    Oh, good – this must mean you feel better.
    I envy you your photography outing; I hope you have a good time!

  3. Jack

    That traffic is part of why I like living in the Valley- I don’t have to deal with it as frequently.

  4. ShaBean

    You know, when us LA people have to travel in your direction, we call it “going behind the orange curtain” 🙂

  5. Rob

    I love the water-cut through the sand photo.
    I could spend many hours building dams, diversions and pools inside those flows.
    Fort builder that you are, you likely did the same.


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