Take Two

[This just became the most boring post of all time, but it didn't start off that way – I promise!]

I just wrote an entire post, hit "save" and my software program ATE it!

I suppose I should start over and save it repeatedly after every word I type.

This …

Is …

Taking …

A …

Long …


Oh, never mind –

To be honest, I'm too tired to start all over again.  I'm still sick – the sickest I've ever been as an adult.  I rattle when I breathe.  I sleep about 20 hours per day.  I wake up to get PR off to school and home again.  That's about it.

I owe a lot of you emails, etc. and I'm sorry.  I'm struggling through this sickness as best as I can.  Briefcase is still out of town which is, I suppose, a blessing and a curse at the same time.

My big excitement was watching the Season 4 finale of Dexter a day ago.  (Eeeeeek!)

Oh, and I ordered a Verizon iPhone too.

I'm very excited to finally be replacing my Blackberry Storm which I … don't love.

Which brings me to this …

If you've got a smartphone, what are your favorite apps?

What do you find yourself using the most often? 

I'm also curious as to whether you use Google Calendar, iCal or some other type of calendar?

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15 Responses to “Take Two”

  1. Pam

    Shazam! Identify any song you hear and get links to it – YouTube clips, tour info, iTunes etc etc. It’s great!

  2. Pam

    Oh, and I’m really sorry you’ve been so sick and I do hope you’re better soon. (I always forget to say that sort of thing, but it’s not because I don’t mean it, honest!)
    And I really hate it that I keep getting this creepy spider picture when I comment on blogs.

  3. karen

    Feel better! This is really holding on, huh? Now see.. the one advantage to this awful cold is, it kills germs off pretty quickly. And that’s about it.
    I have an iphone, can’t help ya there.

  4. Jan

    Oh, girl – you’re still sick? Jeeeeeeeeeez. I SO hope you feel better SOON!
    I have a Droid, and I’ve hardly downloaded any apps for it, so…yeah, I’m useless.

  5. Holli

    My iphone is packed so doing this from memory-Fandango, nook, kindle, netflix, two twitter apps( I have two accounts), CNN, Google apps,(I use Google Calendar). Facebook is a must! I also have a few work apps. I ABSOLUTELY HATE GOOGLE MAPS. Angry birds is fun as you know. I also have Mahjung which I have become addicted to. Texting is so much easier on the iphone. Voice mail is a real pain. The picture/video feature is so easy to update pictures to FB. That reminds me. I have two videos to upload to FB before I head to the airport!

  6. Donna in VA

    I finally converted over to an iPhone and am currently addicted to Scrabble. I’ve always made fun of my son for playing Angry Birds for hours. I don’t do Angry Birds, but Scrabble is an addiction. The only thing that makes me quit is the battery. I’ve got a problem.

  7. Judi

    I’m so sorry you’re still sick. 🙁 I have a dumb phone but I do have an iPod Touch. Trip Tracker is handy if you need to pick someone up at the airport, I use Best Value when I’m shopping to compare prices and LoseIt to track my food and exercise.

  8. Kelly

    hipstamatic, instagram, google apps, netflix
    Feel better!

  9. Sandra

    Apps screw up my iphone. My IT department at work (it’s a work phone) told me apps are the most commom reason the phones tweak out. Makes them slow, they do funny things…etc
    I’ve had to clean my iphone twice in 1 year (reload the software and LOSE everything including the music, so I don’t download them anymore except FB and Tweetdeck because they’re more established.
    If you do have pics or music, make sure you have Itunes on your computer that you can transfer the stuff over. Even contacts I believe can be transferred over. I have Outlook at work and keep most of my contacts in there so I don’t lose them when my phone gets wiped out. When I reload my Outlook contacts automatically reload to my phone.
    Iphones are great, but they do come with issues. 🙂
    Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Di

    I use iCal to set birthday reminders, but other than that my schedule is clear.

  11. ocshannon714

    Yelp, weather channel, Amazon, around me, flixster, pandora, and facebook are all the ones that I use on a daily basis.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  12. Marissa

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. I use most of the Google Apps on my bberry and love them! Calender, gmail etc … all integrate easily.

  13. Karen in Texas

    I too use Outlook at work and home, so all of my contacts and calendar info sync up between the three (home, work, iphone). As for apps, I see someone already mentioned Shazam, which my kiddo and I love. We also like Pandora Radio, this lets you choose a favorite artist to listen to and it sporadically throws in similar music by other artists. I also have Shop Savvy, which lets you scan barcodes and then tells you if some store in your area has it at a cheaper price.
    Other than that I have three of four ebook reader apps and facebook. I hope you feel better and enjoy the new phone.


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